The choicest summer beach reads

By kindling tranquility and as a way to elicit creativity to readers, spending time reading books by the beach during summer provides entertainment for students and community members alike, during their stay along the coast.


As friends and families finish up the last bookings for summer vacations to beaches and lakes, here are some books to entertain and relax to, along with the sound of the waves.
If we’re truly sticking to the beach theme, definitely check out the work of newer author Emily Henry.
Henry published “Beach Read” in 2020 and “People We Meet On Vacation” in 2021.
“People We Meet On Vacation” has a more exciting plotline with the adored friends-to-lovers trope that makes it a true light-hearted romance novel to keep the happy, upbeat pace of a beach vacation.
One of the best books of 2017 that just started to gain the traction it deserved over the past few months is “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.”
A true drama, historical and psychological fiction, this book will make you gasp out loud.
While it’s not a beach-themed book, it’s so good that it is easily readable in one day at the beach, while hopping in the water for a few minutes between husbands.
The less you know about the book, the more enjoyable it is to read. The character development and heartbreak make it so everyone who reads it feels differently at the end.
For fans of historical fiction: “Molokai.”
Based in Hawaii in the 1890s, this book takes you on the journey of Rachel Kalama who has just been diagnosed with Hansen’s Disease (the infection of a slow-growing bacteria that can cause painful skin lesions and nerve damage.)
The history of the islands of Hawaii that are vividly described and the ability of the author to take you back in time makes it some of the best storytelling.
This story of tragedy and hope is definitely one that can hold your attention through a long plane ride (maybe to Hawaii!).
Another favorite is “A Thousand Splendid Suns.”
A true story of feminism, the novel narrates the true resilience of three generations of Afghan women.
This one is definitely not as lighthearted as some others but the storytelling is immaculate and will leave you weeping like a baby at the end.
“Call Me by Your Name” if you haven’t read this book yet, read it.
Based in Southern Italy in the 1980s, this summer romance story is exhilarating and heartbreaking.
The setting of it all is what truly makes it feel like summer and will have you planning your summer vacation for next year to Southern Italy as soon as you’re done reading.
The young romance is the type that has you cheering at the beginning but shredding your heart at the naivety of the characters by the end.
Different from all previously mentioned, “A Gentle Reminder.”
This book of poetry and self-actualization can help to heal you deeply.
The words allow you to grow into a stronger and kinder version of yourself, that makes you proud of your heart and who you are.
Reading a book like this while basking under the sun can be a truly spiritual experience.
Another poetry favorite is “Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass” by Lana Del Rey.
This collection of over 30 poems as well as some photography pieces is beautiful curated and very summery.
“The Summer I turned Pretty,” is another summer thriller, with a whole series that includes three books.
From the same author as “To All the Boys I’ve loved Before,” this sweet and exhilariting summer romance keeps your heartbeating and a smile on your face.
What’s even more exciting is there is a television series about the book set to premier on June 17 on Prime Video.
Always read the book first!