Breakfast most important meal of the day

By including a variety of flavors, breakfast can be appreciated for its options amongst all breakfast eaters. Not only does breakfast have lots of options, there are many possibilities for the foods in it.

Breakfast is no doubt, the most important meal of the day.
It has the capabilities of being the most fulfilling, the most versatile, and the most fun.
Let’s start with the carbs. Toast, bagels, muffins, waffles, pancakes, French toast, cereal.
Of course, there are more, but these are the basic carbs. Now, what’s so great about them? Their diversity.
These carbohydrates are great for short-term energy and can be salty or sweet.
Pancakes, waffles, and french toast can all be topped with syrup, powdered sugar or spreads.
They make a great sweet addition to a complete breakfast, but something fascinating about these three is the fact that they can be filled.
They can have, fruits, nuts, chocolate and other fun flavorings added for an additional spin on the traditional food.
Pancakes are a classic and have been a massive part of the breakfast industry since the day they were introduced.
A great flavor that can be altered for one’s liking, they are diverse and an essential part of a classic breakfast.
A nice stack of warm blueberry pancakes, topped with butter and a little bit of maple syrup can really turn a boring breakfast into the most delicious part of someone’s day.
French toast is unique, an eggy, cinnamon-y batter smothered over a slice of good brioche bread is an unmatched sweet breakfast treat.
Topped with maple syrup and with some sides, it is an elite form of carbs to start one’s day.
Waffles are also a top-tier food. Filling the pores of the waffle with butter and syrup can make a great bite in a breakfast meal.
Now for the savory carbs: toast, bagels and biscuits.
All of these, although commonly looked over, play a huge role in the breakfast hierarchy.
They all have the ability to be a quick and easy breakfast for someone on the go.
Pop a bagel or a slice of toast into the toaster for a minute or two, and add some butter, cream cheese or even some jam.
These quick starts to the day can still be diverse and tasty and can help you make it to lunch.
They can also be the base of any breakfast sandwich.
An outlier of deliciousness in this category is the everything bagel.
The person who created that food will go down in breakfast hall of fame history.
Everything bagels make for a great breakfast, snack, sandwich and overall food in general.
Meats. Arguably one of the tastiest, and most fulfilling elements of breakfast.
Filled with proteins and fats, there are a plethora of options to fulfill your savory needs.
Bacon is a classic. It can go on nearly everything and although some may consider it overrated, the countless t-shirts, memes, home decor and more dedicated to the food represent how truly amazing it can be.
It is a great side to any meal and can make a full plate just that much better.
Sausage can go on sandwiches, bagels and biscuits. They are diverse and can come in all shapes and sizes, a round patty can fit perfectly into a sandwich giving a good portion in every bite.
Links are also great with some pancakes and syrup.
Although breakfast can be enjoyed in the morning, the diverse meal and can be enjoyed all times during the day.
Finding breakfast leftovers and snacking on a pancake for dinner is one of the main reasons that breakfast is the most important meal of the day not just for the morning, but all day every day.