Seniors silly string each other for serious cash prize

In order to say a proper farewell to Souderton, 120 seniors participated in the annual tradition of Soudy Assassin, where they compete against peers in order to win a pool of $600.


Using silly string, seniors assassinate their peers in order to move on to the next round. In order to move on to the next round, competitors need to silly string their target before they get silly strung.
According to senior Tyler Geiger, most people are motivated to win by the money.
“Most people try so hard because you get a $600 prize for winning,” Geiger said.
According to the senior Theo Coleman, he is in it for the money.
“I need the $600 because gas is not cheap right now,” Coleman said.
The game has two main objectives: avoiding getting assassinated while also assassinating your assignment.
The game is coordinated by seniors Marina Chiaro and Molly Hendricks.
According to Chiaro, the first round was 10 days long to allow people to get acclimated to the game. Assassinations are not permitted during school or in the parking lot before or after.
Many people have resorted to sports and work schedules, or finding people’s homes to assassinate them.
“A lot of people have been getting people during games or during halftime, which has been fun to watch everyone’s teammates freaking out,” Chiaro said. “People are staking out at each other’s house at 6 in the morning trying to get each other.”
Chiaro and Hendricks make sure assassination assignments are random so that they don’t have a hand in who gets who. “We assign everyone to a number and then run it through a generator,” Chairo said.
Many people have taken precautions to avoid getting out, playing the game as defensively as they are offensively.
“I try to have my parents go outside first in the morning to double-check that no one is around my car,” Coleman said.
Senior Jack Graboski successfully assassinated senior Sophie Rodrique after several failed attempts.
According to Graboski, he attempted to get Rodrique after musical practice but was thwarted by a large number of theater kids.
Graboski began the mission hiding out behind Rodrique’s car. He was then spotted by sophomore Mason Hendricks.
“[He] starts screaming at the theater kids ‘cluster cluster’ and then they all cluster up around Sophie and then I try to run into this so-called cluster, and it just did not work,” Graboski said.
According to Graboski, he ended up knocking a sophomore down, and he felt guilty about it. “I got attacked, I accidentally knocked some girl over and she was bleeding out of her elbow. Felt bad about that.”
Rodrique made it out safely and credits her success to her loyal group of musical underclassmen.
However, Rodrique was eventually taken down with the help of senior Eduardo Lai, who spotted Rodrique at Wawa.
Lai was leaving a shift at Taco Bell when he saw Rodrique’s car across the parking lot. Lai called Graboski and told him to come to assassinate her. “I watched as he stalked around the corner all nervous,” Lai said. “She had no clue because why would Jack be at Wawa? Why would he know where she is?”