The return of field trips brings excitement to Souderton

For the last two years, field trips have been absent due to COVID-19 restrictions. With careful planning and execution, they are making a comeback.


Students, as well as teachers, are happy that field trips have returned after a two-year pandemic-related restriction.
“We’re able to get you guys out and about to see what the world looks like outside these walls,” career counselor Michael Darcy said.
Junior Felicia Capiello believes that field trips don’t just benefit academic classes in a way, but also music groups and sports teams.
“I think it really helps build up a community and friendships are strengthened,” Capiello said.
Darcy said field trips teach students new things and help them get “real-life experience.”
According to family and consumer science teacher Tara Weismantel, field trips provide the answer to the question “Why are we learning this?”
“They bring learning to life and they connect it to the real world and also careers that are available within the content that we’re learning within the class,” Weismantel said.
Students are able to have in-person experiences in the career or pathway they might want to pursue.
“If it’s a career-specific field trip, we get to see what the career actually looks like,” Darcy said.
Weismantel took her interior decorating class out on a field trip to IKEA this year.
Weismantel described it as one of the “best” field trips she went on with her classes.
“I feel like the kids actually get to live the life of an interior decorator,” Weismantel said.
One field trip that took place on May 26, was the Mandarin class trip to Philadelphia.
The class went to Chinatown and the Penn Museum.
Freshman Hannah George looked forward to this trip because of the opportunity to learn about culture.
“Going to Chinatown and seeing a real-life representation of what Chinese culture is like is a really big thing for me since I’ve been so curious about it and now I can go see something in real life that pertains to what I’m learning,” George said.
George believes people can learn from class trips.
“There’s always something that can be learned from a field trip. Field trips are usually planned to learn more about something in a fun way,” George said.