The tradition of junior prom continues after COVID-19

After two years of cancellations and restrictions, the junior prom tradition continues in a normal fashion like the years prior to COVID-19. The dance took place on April 29.

Due to COVID-19, many high school traditions like school dances were either canceled or changed to comply with mandatory restrictions.
With the return of homecoming previously, junior prom was the second dance to come back after the pandemic this school year. The dance was held in the cafeteria on April 29.
“It was really nice getting to have prom after the last couple of years,” junior Grace Holly said. “Going to a school dance with my friends makes everything seem like it is going back to normal.”
Junior Ally Lemon said how “relieving” it is to have a normal dance again.
“I had [dances] as a freshman and then haven’t gotten to since, so it’s been really fun to experience it again,” Lemon said.
Though students didn’t have to wear masks, the effects of COVID-19 were still present in the ticket prices.
“We had to sell tickets at a higher price than usual due to the small budget that we have in comparison to most years,” 11th-grade student advisor Kimberly Dudek said. “Usually, we sell tickets for $45, but this year we had to sell them for $50.”
Many students found the night to be an enjoyable time.
According to junior Ethan Frattarelli, it was a fun night with his friends. “I would say that I most enjoyed just getting to hang out with my friends and have a good time all together,” Frattarelli said.
“My favorite part about prom was getting to spend time with my friends,” Lemon said. “Having a few designated hours to just hang out and dance with them was so fun.” Holly agreed that the social aspect of dance was the highlight of the evening for her.
The tradition of junior and senior prom is an important part of high school according to Lemon saying that prom is “almost like a rite of passage.” “It’s is such a tradition that people look forward to and make a big deal out of,” Lemon said.
For Frattarelli, it signifies the end of the school year. “I feel like it is a way to close out the year,” Frattarelli said.