Issue 5 Thumbs Down


Student Food Waste

Free lunches in the cafeteria have brought ease to many when it comes to figuring out lunch. However, no surprise, teenagers are bad at eating fruits and veggies.
The inclusion of a fruit or veggie in a free lunch meal is supposed to promote eating healthy and getting much-needed vitamins and natural sugars.
While many students take the opportunity to eat a variety of fruits readily, many students don’t. They throw out their fruit resulting in additional food waste, while the world is already in a food waste crisis.
Please eat your fruits and vegetables or try to compost them instead of throwing them out.

AP Testing

As May approaches, so does AP testing.
For those taking the exams, we wish you well and hope you are able to study effectively.
Every year, the same conversation arises. Is taking the tests worth the money? Will colleges give credit for the tests?
And every year, there is no easy answer. Each college handles them a bit differently. The degree in which they accept AP exam credits varies on the test, your major, your score and potentially even what year you took the exam.
It comes down to your plan for secondary education as well as how much you are willing to risk. An AP exam credit can potentially save the cost of a college credit, which range from about $300 to $700 dollars. If the college doesn’t take the exam, it feels like a wasted $90 on the exam.


While some seniors are still in the school mindset, some checked out months ago.
It is no secret that with every passing day, seniors become less interested in high school and more interested in getting ready for the next big chapter of their lives.
It is understandable that many seniors feel this way, as the grades they receive don’t have an impact on their college acceptances.
However, we implore the seniors to continue to show up to school, contribute to class conversations, and do all necessary work. Finish high school strong and work to soak up every last bit of free education and hometown friends.