Home vs. Gym Workouts Con: At home gyms allow for comfort, fitness ease

Working out is a beneficial activity, and through the use of a home gym, fitness has never appeared better. Since the pandemic, many people have been able to make use of a home gym.

For the sake of comfort and time, having a home gym is superior to maintaining a separate public gym membership.
Practicing fitness in one’s own home allows for mindfulness and self care.
During quarantine, many people began to explore the realms of fitness.
Working out became an easier priority because we had less obligations and more time.
With this, at home workouts sprung into popularity.
We followed YouTube workouts, Peloton bike-rides and videos offering weight-lifting techniques.
This showed the superiority of working out at home instead of purchasing a public gym membership.
There are several reasons why working out alone at home is more comfortable than using a public gym.
People are free to make use of their time without any social gym pressures.
At public gyms, beginners especially, can have trouble exerting their full potential while working out.
Other people surrounding them and using similar equipment may intimidate, distract and watch them.
This can be harmful to people working toward goals while working out.
It’s no secret that there has been an increase in “creeps” staring at women at public gyms.
Facilities were even created to combat this, called “women-only gyms.”
Sometimes, women are forced to feel uncomfortable while working out, because of men who stare.
Therefore, creating a gym at home allows for a safer environment, where women can achieve their goals without disgusting stares.
Another aspect of comfort in home gyms comes with the fun of working out at home.
Having one’s own space allows for the luxury to blast music and dance around like nobody’s watching.
While the prospect of a public gym allows for a social atmosphere, using a personal gym guarantees some social perks as well.
Working out alone can be a mindful practice, and a form of self care.
It is important to take time each day for physical exercise and self care, which can be combined.
While the worry-free aspect of home gyms carries the argument that they are better than public gyms, there are other reasons that benefit those who make use of them.
Users of at-home gyms are at a time advantage.
With a gym only a few steps away, exercisers can skip traffic and save necessary time.
We are all so busy these days, so taking only a few steps to get to the gym is much more efficient than a car ride over.
Home gyms are much more clean than public gyms, and with knowledge about COVID-19 now, it’s best to stay safe from germs.
It can be argued that creating a home gym is expensive because of equipment costs.
However, home gyms can be used for a vast variety of workouts not including equipment and machinery.
Plus, home gyms allow for saving money on gym memberships and the gas used to go to a public gym.