Astrology allows for self, peer alignment

Recently, conversation surrounding astrology has heavily picked up amongst students. While not scientifically proven to be accurate, exploring zodiac signs can be an entertaining and enlightening exploration of indentity and friendships.

“What’s your zodiac sign?”
You may have been asked this question recently, or have heard a similar phrase.
Perhaps you know what your sign is and enjoy discussing it with others.
Or maybe you despise astrology and find annoyance in those who love it.
Either way, astrology has been a hot topic in conversation lately amongst Gen Z and others.
Disregarding the fact that astrology is not scientifically valid, it is an entrancing subject.
Those who hate on others for enjoying it can gain a bit of perspective.
Allow me to enlighten upon the subject of astrology.
According to, zodiac signs refer to the 12 constellations that the sun passes through.
Therefore, a person’s sun sign is equivalent to the sun’s position amongst the signs when the person was born.
There are 12 signs, each speculated to correlate with one’s personality.
The signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius and Capricorn.
Some say that there is a thirteenth sign, called Ophiuchus.
Those who take an interest in astrology tend to have varying opinions regarding each sign.
For instance, phrases like “Geminis are so too-faced” and “Aries’ are always so angry” are usually thrown around.
People should understand that not everyone falls under these categories and the descriptive characteristics are extremely broad and general that they can apply to anyone.
The main thing to note about astrology is that while it can be a kooky thing to believe in, it genuinely helps people bond and connect to form friendships.
And no, this is not in reference to compatibility.
Many people can go on-and-on about astrology for hours, and have intense conversations with other people about it.
This is why people should become more open to learning about astrology.
A stigma surrounds the subject, but it does no harm to anyone.
Whether you believe in it or not, it can be harmful to bash others for being passionate about the topic.
Personally, I understand that astrology isn’t a factual and evident study.
However, I thoroughly enjoy conversing with friends about it.
Whenever I meet someone new, I usually ask about their sign placements.
We can all find comfort in grouping our personalities into categories, such as signs.
These personality traits are general, but insightful.
For instance, Aries is known to be assertive, confident and impulsive.
Taurus is associated with being dependable, dedicated and stubborn.
Gemini is recognized for its friendliness, cleverness and love of gossiping.
Next we have Cancer, which is known to be compassionate, sensitive and grudge-holding.
Leo is typically lively, loyal and egotistical.
Virgo is known for being practical, observant and particular.
Libras are mostly empathetic, charming and indecisive.
Scorpios are known to be bold, mysterious and aggressive.
Sagittarius is usually free-spirited, honest and impatient.
Finally, Capricorn is pin-pointed as hardworking, responsible and critical.
Even though these traits are extremely broad, it becomes infatuating to group people into these categories.
Next time the subject of astrology comes up in a chat with friends, it’s best to be open instead of shutting the topic down immediately.
Don’t be afraid to fall down the rabbit hole of astrology.