Hyper fixations build connections and intellect

By becoming hyper fixated on a subject, people are able to study new interests, expand their knowledge and make new connections over a temporary period of time. Hyper fixations are important.‑


Hyper fixations are beautiful things. But what exactly are they? A hyper fixation is not in the literal psychological sense, but in a fun, attention-grabbing way, something that someone focuses on immensely for a short period of time.
Maybe it’s caused by a short attention span, or just the fact that someone wants something new in their life.
Either way, hyper fixations have had many hours spent on them by not only me but by others as well.
Some hyper fixations may include video games, music, sports, really anything in general.
These hyper fixations, people will spend hours upon hours on.
After school one might go to play a sport or do art, or simply because they have found a temporary interest in the pastime.
Personally, I have been doing just that. Over the recent months, I have found myself bouncing from video game to video game.
Diving deep into one for a few weeks or months and just like that, on to the next.
The cycle continues and things like my knowledge of games have widened and I have built relationships with people.
Just because we play the same game that was being hyper-fixated over for just a few short weeks.
The same goes for sports. My friends and I have spent hours on basketball courts, which to be honest, is a sport that I have no interest in pursuing, nor am I any good at.
But even though there are no serious intentions behind it, the hyper fixation is just fun.
Being able to pick up a ball, a controller, a paintbrush or anything really, and become immersed in it for hours a day for weeks is something that is truly brilliant.
Not only are these hyper fixations temporary time fillers, but they also allow people to expand their knowledge, strength and abilities.
If one were to start hyper fixation on an art form, they may study it for hours.
They’ll research deep questions about the subject and learn more than the majority of people in a short period of time.
For myself, I have spent hours watching basketball games, reading articles, and obsessing over the statistics of professionals.
Someone might become so hyper-fixated that all they do is think about their hyper fixation.
This year I have found myself sitting in class dozing off and daydreaming about my current hyper fixation.
There are things that I have found interest in that have captured my interest more than anything before.
I find myself thinking about the activity all day, going home and doing said activity, and when I am finished I feel like I want to go right back to where I left off.
Hyper fixations are not only an amazing way to spend time. They are a great way to learn new things and meet new people.
There are also so many possibilities of things to become hyper-fixated over. Sports, art, music, fitness, there’s a plethora of options of pastimes.
They can also lead to many new passions and interests.
One might find interest in a sport, or art form, and pursue it to a higher level just because they became obsessed with it for a short period of time.
Who knows, maybe because of my hyperfixations I’ll become a professional basketball player, or maybe I’ll play soccer next week.
Either way, the hyper fixations in my life have helped me gain knowledge and friendship, which is not temporary.
I have found new hobbies, made new friends, and realized that theres no reason to focus on one thing when there are so many activities in this world.