Walking Club encourages health and friendliness

Through physical activity, the community walking club stays healthy and encourages others to as well. They enjoy walking in the high school because of the after-school activities they get to observe.


Arrowhead photo by Helen Spigel

Walking on sunshine…Enjoying a stroll, walkers Lisa Dannerth and Barbra Hutt make their way through the high school’s hallways. By walking indoors they are able to stay healthy during the colder months and admire the student artwork displayed around the building.

The safe and inviting environment at the high school allows members of the the Souderton Community Education’s walking club to connect with students Monday through Thursday while they enjoy student art and sports.
The Souderton Community Education Evening school allows the public to sign up to join the walking club.
For $15 a semester, participants can walk around the school from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
The after school activities associated with the school bring students and these community members together.
Color guard, sporting events and the spring musical all happen after school and are common activities that walking club members see.
Senior Caitlin Renner is involved with indoor color guard and has seen the walking club multiple times.
Renner said she enjoys it when they cheer on the color guard.
“It’s an inside joke between us that they are the hype men of our group and they just keep us going,” Renner said.
Walking club members enjoy seeing the students’ talent.
Walking club member Linda Kulp especially likes seeing the color guard because of her connection to it.
“We say hi to color guard or the band, which I used to be in [in] high school,” Kulp said. “I went to Souderton, back in the ’70s and graduated in 1974.”
Artwork and music is also enjoyed as music practice takes place and the school is covered with artwork.
“They’re so talented with the music and the drums and flags. I love the artwork,” walking club member Barbra Hutt said.
Hutt walks with her friend Lisa Dannerth.
Hut said she thinks the students are polite and make the experience better.
“They’re friendly. It’s nice to see activity while you’re walking,” Hut said.
Members of the walking club often enjoy the refreshments offered at school sporting events, in turn supporting the athletic department.
Walking club member Suzanne Winters’ husband enjoys the snacks provided.
“He loves athletic events where they have food and we feel like we support the kids in that way when they’re selling something,” Winters said. “When they’re having a fundraiser, we participate.”
Winters said the club is a “social activity,” and that she has made friends with other people in the club.
“When we don’t see a person walking here we ask about them,” Winters said, “We hope they’re okay and ask them if they are okay.”
Walking club members use the activity to catch up with friends, family and coworkers.
Walking club member Debbie Bradley walks with her cousin. Her daughter recently started joining them.
“One day, I got that flyer in the mail and I was looking through it and I found the walking club” Bradley said. “I was so excited I called my cousin and I said ‘We have to sign up for this.’”
The club provides a safe and secure environment for people to get some healthy exercise, which can be especially handy in the winter.
Bradly’s daughter, Kate Bergey, likes the walks because of the mental health benefits.
“It helps me destress and you just feel better,” Bergey said.
Winters said that many people use the club as physical therapy after surgeries, but she uses it to maintain her health.
“I was very unhealthy and now I come here to stay healthy and this is the healthiest I’ve been in probably 30 years,” Winters said.
Many club members have no plans to stop coming. “Don’t get rid of the program,” Bergey said.