Students share tips for creating successful ‘promposals’

Sharing advice, students prepare for “promposals’’ as prom season approaches and some have already promposed. Junior prom was held on April 29 and senior prom will take place on May 20.


In preparation for prom, students share tips as some have begun to ‘prompose’ in order to secure a date for junior prom, April 29, and senior prom, May 20.
The term “promposal” gained popularity in the early 2000s as couples began becoming more open about posting about their relationships online.
Most commonly, the act includes creating a witty sign to ask someone to be your date to prom.
However, more recently, public promposals have lost acclaim as fewer and fewer people participate or share their status.
Many students believe that asking someone to prom should remain a private matter between the two individuals.
“[Promposals] are tacky. I think that’s private and not everyone needs to know who you’re going to prom with, it’s too public for me,” junior Logan Conver said.
According to Conver, those who initiate public promposals should be completely sure the question will be answered with yes, as “it will only result in embarrassment for all parties involved” if the answer is no.
“If they aren’t dating, there’s a bigger chance of it ending badly and the person saying no,” Conver said. “I would not want to be put in that situation or witness it, especially publically.”
Others expressed that promposals have lost their popular association with the prom season.
“I don’t think promposals are necessary, you don’t have to do it, it just makes it more fun,” freshman Camille Elwell said. “I think promposals are cheesy.”
However, some students still enjoy the sentiment of promposals, despite their dwindling appeal.
“I think that promposals are definitely necessary because why not,” sophomore Lily Hasset said. “If you’re going to ask someone to prom you have to go all out.”
Senior Kenzie Wilson believes anyone should feel free to prompose to someone.
“As time goes on some people might think it’s stupid or not worth it, especially if you are in a relationship, but ultimately I think you should do it if you feel like you want to,” Wilson said. “It can be a really good memory for a lot of people.”
Wilson also advises that promposes hold value for both parties to avoid an awkward experience. For example, Wilson was promposed to with a poster relating to snowboarding, an activity both she and her boyfriend like to do together.