‘Morbius’ plotline, action as dead as main character

[Editor’s Note: There are spoilers ahead.] From terrible writing to unmotivation motives, Sony’s “Morbius” sinks its fangs into nothing as it progressively falls apart as the story continues. “Morbius” came out (ironically) on April 1.



Hunting in the night… Dr. Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, jumps over buildings of New York City in search of villain Loxias “Milo” Crown, played by Matt Smith. Morbius was released on April 1.

The most disrespectful Spider-Man-related movie that didn’t even star Spider-Man (besides one reference after the credits begin to roll).
Easily one of the worst modern superhero movies to date. It was boring, the pacing was all over the place, the motives from some of the characters made little to no sense, the final fight felt like it only lasted one minute and by the end of the movie I was waiting for the big punchline. The point of the movie itself.
This was a lost and messy film almost all the way through but as all movies do, there are a few positives here and there.
The cast wasn’t necessarily bad but the way everybody was written was terrible. Matt Smith’s character, Loxias “Milo” Crown’s motives were so confusing. Why do you now like killing random people? Shouldn’t you feel bad for those who are powerless because you were? Where did this hunt for killing and death come from?
The way Milo and Morbius were introduced seems like Morbius would be the cut-throat, cold scientist that would have no problem going around killing people. It doesn’t add up to much.
The CGI wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t perfect. It’s more of curiosity as to how the morphed faces in one shot go from a human face to a vampire’s face without, what it seems, tracking dots on their faces.
I’m very intrigued as to how they did that because they were tracked very nicely. Which is weird to think about because the fight scenes and choreography were not tracked well at all.
Easily the worst action scenes to come out of any movie in so long. There was no detail and you cannot tell what is going on until nothing is moving on the screen. It was very confusing.
Sony really needs to figure out what they want to do with these Spider-Man-related characters because if they keep making movies like this one they would probably make more money if they sold the film rights back to Marvel Studios, which honestly wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. Maybe Sony will pull through in their “Kraven The Hunter” movie slated for January 13, 2023, but at this rate, I’m not getting my hopes up.
The only thing or choice that could truly save this Sony Spider-Man Universe is to continue Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man and give him a second chance. That would bring out a crowd, not an empty theater. A big disgrace and disrespect to anything related to Spider-Man.
Sony you can and should do better because these characters aren’t hard to write at least mediocre stories for.
The final score I’ll give is 1/10.
And I will not be changing my mind anytime soon.