V-ball tourney glows up

Lighting up the night, Student Council hosted a glow volleyball tournament with teams of all different skill levels. Under blacklight, students glowed as they competed against their friends and different clubs.


Arrowhead photo by Sophie Rodrique

Not our day…After their first round loss to the Gabby Fan Club, Arrowhead Archers Jake Godshall and Annabel Cunningham showcase their disappointment.

To raise school spirits, students started off their spring break on April 12 by competing in a glow-in-the-dark volleyball tournament.
Ultimately, the Funky Flower Boys emerged victorious led by team captain Paul Vince.
Student Council President Molly Hendricks changed up the annual event with a glowing idea she found on Tiktok.
“[Guidance counselor Dan] Glatts had a bunch of black lights from his DJ business so we turned off the lights and set [them up] around the courts,” Hendricks said. “We got UV reactive tape to outline the courts with and we’re put those on the volleyballs, too. We encouraged people to wear UV reactive clothes and neon clothes so that they illuminate a little bit more.”
At first, getting teams to join proved to be a challenge.
“The hardest thing was initially getting the teams to sign up. However, Mr. Glatts did a great job advertising in the cafeteria during lunches,” Student Council advisor Amy Tarlo said.
The tournament consisted of 18 teams such as The Arrowhead newspaper, the Asian Culture Club, the girls volleyball team, Academic Decathlon and RedAlert.
Senior Mason Rocha participated with the Asian Culture Club, calling themselves the “Gabby Fan Club.”
“We had two practices, but not a lot of people showed up,” Rocha said.
The Gabby Fan Club may have been the underdogs of the tournament, but they made up for it in spirit.
“The Asian Culture Club signed up and they have a lot of people who were injured on the team…so I was intrigued to see if they are able to do it, but they were very enthusiastic so good for them for that,” Hendricks said.
Hendricks received help from Student Council Vice President Rylee Bernhauser and Student Council officers Ella Haslam and Hannah Chasan.
“And of course the support from Mrs. Tarlo and Mrs. Granito. The reps have helped make posters and helped run the event. Mr. Glatts has been a big help, too, and as well as all the janitors and security guards who were there as well,” Hendricks said.
Tarlo and Granito emphasized the role that Hendricks took in planning the event.
“She did it all. You know [Hendricks.] We’ve done this in the past, pre Covid. We did it and they were always a lot of fun, [but] not glow. [Hendricks] added the glow aspect. Definitely the most teams we’ve had,” Tarlo said.
Hendricks had a team in mind that she wanted to win it all.
“The Arrowhead Archers because a piece in my heart lies with them. And they put in the work. I’m a little biased. I was rooting for them,” Hendricks said.