Families building memories with Legos

To help entertain children, Lego has been making new building sets for nearly nine decades, many being based on popular media. These Lego sets help to challenge children, but also give nostalgia to some adults.


Arrowhead photo by Brogan Sullivan

Creating piece by piece…Building The Batman Lego set, sophomore Morgan Heckman follows instructions to complete the build. Heckman, along with others, spent multiple hours making the large build.

By providing the world with entertainment for 90 years, Lego has helped build bonds and childhood memories for many.
Legos have been in millions of families all around the world and they continue to thrive with the help of the fanbase.
According to sophomore Kevin Matthews, Legos are important at a young age for learning valuable life skills or “just how to build stuff.” “It helps children develop cognitive skills,” Matthews said. “Legos also help show children the importance of object permanence.”
Other Lego builders believe that these simple building blocks can teach kids to learn the process of creation. “They teach the importance of building things and building them well, rather than cutting corners,” sophomore Hunter Haight said.
Telford resident Troy Sullivan believes that following instructions can teach kids to prepare for “real-life” problems and to “follow through” with projects.
“They show the process of starting with nothing and ending with something,” Sullivan said. Many adults build Legos as well and the sets are for them just as much as they are for kids.
“I grew up with ‘Star Wars,’ so I think I would buy those just because that’s what I grew up with,” technology teacher Brian Ruth said. “They’re definitely hitting towards nostalgia and childhood memories.”
Matthews believes that Legos never lose their fun factor, regardless of age. “Legos are a very simple concept and any age can do it,” Matthews said.
Legos get a large number of their sales through different partnerships and how they “market,” according to Haight.
“You always see the cool Batman theme, Star Wars theme, Marvel, everything. There’s always a Lego set for everyone,” Haight said.
Legos help to spark creativity in the builder and to inspire people to think deeper than what’s on the surface.
“The progression of building them is a big factor too,” Matthews said. “It can be fun for everyone whether it’s on a simple level or deeper than that.”
Parents also like to use Legos as a chance to get closer and learn with their children. They provide a chance for fun and education. “Working on Legos as a team can help connect with each other while also learning to work together,” Sullivan said. “I can’t remember a time [my son] hasn’t helped me out.”
Ruth believes that playing with Legos helps teach children and allows them to get closer to their parents. “My oldest daughter loves playing with them,” Ruth said.