Issue 4 Thumbs Up

Issue 4 Thumbs Up

Decreasing Covid Rates

Over the past two years, our world has transformed as countries, communities, schools and workplaces worked to manage the pandemic to the best of their ability.
This time has been a true trial of people’s characters and perseverance.
At The Arrowhead, we have worked to maintain publication and distribution while being tried with supply chain issues, limited contact and lockdowns.
Because of this, it is with great relief that current statistics are suggesting that COVID may become a manageable virus in the coming future.
At the local level, Montgomery County rates have begun to hover around 50 cases per 100,000 residents since the end of the Omicron spike during early February. We remain hopeful that this virus will maintain a low level impact on our community.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative school work is the key to success.
It falls on the student’s responsibility to create classroom dynamics.
This means uplifting classmates and working together to increase understanding in the entire class. When learning becomes competitive and students feel the need to one up each other, the entire class suffers.
It is important to remember that everyone has a different perspective on conceptual learning, and understanding something from multiple perspectives is always beneficial.
We should never be afraid to ask a classmate for help or advice when learning.
Work to create a classroom enviorment that fosters learning.

Healthy Communication

During times of high stress, like a pandemic, it is important to remember basic communication skills.
Choosing to maturely express our feelings will always benefit us in conversation.
Using elementary skills like “I feel” statements can help guide your way through difficult conversations.
While this may seem trivial or basic, it can be important to return to basic forms of communication when topics become intense or emotional.
When stressed or upset, we must remember that almost everyone is feeling overwhelmed and it is important to communicate how we feel.
While not always easy, it is always important to speak in a way that we can feel proud of. We all must work not to compromise our values when communicating, and address people with respect.