Issue 4 Thumbs Down


Gas Prices

As we come out of a time when many people were working from home, gas prices have begun to increase with demand.
OPEC is working to make up for the money that they lost while transportation was low and the demand for gas was low.
In addition to OPEC’s interests, the war between Ukraine and Russia has resulted in Vladamir Putin restricting oil exportation and President Joe Biden’s ban on oil imports. This has further caused gas prices to increase.
Since the spike in nearly a dollar per gallon over the past months, relief has been implored by the U.S. and UAE in attempts to increase the oil supply and have OPEC release more oil into the market.

Bathroom Vandals

Every year, bathroom vandalism persists as an issue.
What is it that implores people to steal soap dispensers, ceiling tiles, and mirrors, break toilets in half, and graffiti on the walls?
We at The Arrowhead will never know.
However, we do ask that if this is you, stop.
There have been accounts of graffiti across many bathrooms, resulting in disruptions to everyone’s day.
Please consider the impact that this vandalism has on your peers as well as the custodians.
It is an avoidable inconvenience that should not have to be dealt with.
When it comes to the graffitiing, we suggest that you take your artistic expression from the bathroom to the art hallway.

Seasonal Depression

As spring approaches, it seems as though the snow and cold may never end.
Even with the end in sight, feelings of loneliness and cold linger. It is important to recognize that the season will pass.
Preliminary data has shown that up to 5.5% of students, if not wildly more, deal with seasonal affective disorder.
Seasonal affective disorder is when someone experiences decreased serotonin and increases depression due to limited sunlight and cold weather.
There are over three million cases every year.
Many mental health professionals believe that things like regular exercise, light therapy, and maintaining a sleep schedule can help.