2022’s ‘The Batman’ is ‘not just a call…it’s a warning’

[Editor’s Note: There are spoilers ahead.] Following a new, Cobain-esc, grunge Batman, Director Matt Reeves perfectly executes his vision of how the Batman strikes fear into hearts of Gotham City’s criminals. The film was released on March 4.

When I say this is the best Batman movie, let alone the best superhero movie, I have ever seen, I truly mean that.
Everything about this film, from the cast to the minute details on set, this piece of work from director Matt Reeves outdid itself in every way.
Spoiler alert from here on out.
Starting with the soundtrack, composer Michael Giachino knocked it out of the park, keeping the theme of all the characters are story arcs coherent but still throwing different emotions and feelings at the audience.
The character arcs, while mainly focusing on the Batman and/or Bruce Wayne, being it is his movie, does spread out among the other characters in the movie.
Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman), played by actress Zoe Kravitz, learned she doesn’t always have to work alone, Alfred Pennyworth, played by actor Andy Serkis, came to terms with the truth of Bruce’s parents and helped Bruce realize they are the only family they both have.
Riddler, played by actor Paul Dano, didn’t really learn anything, he actually accomplished his goal by the end of the movie.
Gotham is now flooded entirely with the people of Gotham hopeless and the higher elites of the corrupt city almost completely gone.
Lieutenant James Gordon, played by actor Jeffery Wright, is still in his infancy with the relationship he has with the Batman but it’s growing and they now are the only people they trust entirely.
Some of these characters have been confirmed for other spin-offs that take place in this new “Bat-Verse,” including Catwoman, Penguin, played by actor Colin Farrell and a series rooted in the horror genre centered around Arkham Asylum where most of Batman’s rogues’ gallery ends up, starring Wright.
But none of these are 100% confirmed or have any other significant details related to them.
While many people were upset about the casting of actor Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman when it was first announced, he definitely proved them wrong and left so much more on the table for future installments than people expected.
His role in the “Twilight” series didn’t help his case while advocating for his role as Batman but he owned this version of the character, based on the late Kurt Cobain, according to Reeves and Pattinson.
This Batman is darker and more violent than previous iterations. While Ben Affleck’s run as the titular hero back in 2016 was darker, it held many more comic book tropes and lure which was dropped in this most recent iteration of the character.
Reeves took a much more grounded approach to the character, much like previous Batman director Christopher Nolan for the “Dark Knight Trilogy,” but Reeves took the groundedness of Nolans and added a gothic-grunge type of vibe, really stylizing the story being told on the screen.
The cinematography alone should be talked about because it was just so beautiful.
Cinematographer Greg Fraiser, truly outdid himself and owned the screen even in the non-action-driven parts of the story.
This new outing of the Dark Knight leaves so many fans wanting so much more from this new world Reeves, Pattinson and the rest of the crew built together.
I’ve never been happier with the outcome of a movie so many fans were so excited about. Easily a 10/10, I cannot wait for the sequel and all the spin-offs.