Girls basketball team comes together for states

Their first game of the state tournament was on March 8.


Sierra Lauer

A determined defense…Defending against a Pennsbury player during a March 4 game to determine playoff seeding, sophomore Brooke Fenchel focuses on blocking the opponent. The girls basketball team worked together on court as well as at practices to prepare for the state tournament that, for them, started on March 8.

After placing second in districts, the girls basketball team closed out the season by participating in states.
“[Going to states] means a lot to us because we are just juniors,” junior Teya McConnaha said. “It shows that we are good enough to play and that we still have another year to go farther than we will this year.”
According to Coach Lynn Carroll, the team will continue to prepare as they have been for the majority of the season.
“We’ve prepared the same way all season, depending on what lies ahead and what’s in front of us, a combination of preparing for a specific opponent and improving on what we do,” Carroll said.
For sophomore Brooke Fenchel, she has “prepared for states by bringing a focused, ready-to-work mindset to practice every day.”
From Fenchel’s perspective, the practices leading up to states are very important for the team.
Carrol attributes this season’s success to the girls’ “unselfishness” and “hard work.”
Fenchel also believes that the team dynamic helped further their success.
“Our team dynamic is all about being unselfish, having the will to get better and make each other better,” Fenchel said.
For McConnaha, the team offers a sense of friendship comparable to family.
“We all love each other and would do anything for each other on and off the court,” said McConnaha. “These girls mean everything to me.”
According to Carrol, the team’s close bond is visible while they are playing.
“Off the court, they all really get along. They’re good friends, they enjoy being around each other and I think that kind of chemistry also shows up on the court,” said Carrol.
The girls basketball team lost in the first round of states to Easton High School.
The team viewed this as a learning experience.
“We are a young team and still have a year to grow,” said Fenchel.