Prom Fashion Show builds prom anticipation

The Prom Fashion Show displayed a variety of prom dresses and suits to excite people for prom and give them some style inspiration.


Arrowhead photo by Madison Stine

Bromance…Bumping fists, Prom Fashion Show models perform their choreographed dance on February 16. Thomas Smith (left) does a handshake fist bump for their performance with Tanner Yerton.

To build anticipation for prom, student council held their annual Prom Fashion Show on February 16 featuring students wearing dresses and suits while doing choreographed dances.
For some, it can be hard to pick out what to wear for big events like prom, so, Student Council held the Prom Fashion Show to provide students with outfit ideas fit for the upcoming prom.
Many participants were happy they decided to participate in the show for various reasons. Senior Emily Santone was happy to do the show, especially because the junior and senior classes this year missed some events due to COVID-19.
“We lost a lot without junior year and some of our senior year so we wanted to have fun,” Santone said.
Senior Taylor Nelson decided to do the show to have something to do with her friends before they all left for college.
“I am going to miss everyone. It was a great experience just to have that one last hurrah with everyone,” Nelson said.
Before their names and dresses were announced, each group performed a dance in their prom outfits. The groups put together their dances before the show.
Nelson’s group had to make sure to prepare their dance in advance.
“Preparing was definitely a little bit hectic, it was hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time,” Nelson said. “It was worth all the preparation. I had a really fun time and it was a great experience.”
Students wore dresses from David’s Bridal and Page Six, along with some wearing old dresses from older siblings.
Student Council President Molly Hendricks worked with the companies to get the dresses. Hendricks had some difficulty getting the dresses because “a lot of companies are really hesitant to rent them out this year with Covid.”
Hendricks was responsible for coordinating with the companies to obtain the dresses and suits and getting the participants to go and pick out suitable outfits.
One group went to David’s Bridal the Sunday before to choose dresses they wanted to wear and then Student Council had to pick them up before the show. “The other girls thankfully had dresses from last year or from older siblings,” Hendricks said.
During the show, Student Council Vice President Rylee Bernhauser and Student Council Representative Ashley Mangus read brief descriptions about the suits and dresses.
Once the show was over people could go up to concessions for more information.
“If someone was genuinely interested in buying one, then we had the information at concessions,” Hendricks said, “Girls could go up and get the specific brands so that they could write it down so that they could buy it.”
Student Council worked mostly on promotion to let people know it was back on this year.
This year’s junior prom is on April 29 and senior prom is on May 20.