Students explore unique hairstyles

By experimenting with hairstyles and colors, students are finding new ways to express themselves. Some have mixed opinions on certain hairstyles, such as mullets returning.


Malcolm Raley

New ‘do…Highlighting his style, junior Marvin Melendez models his fresh haircut. Melendez enjoys experimenting with different cuts and colors.

In order to explore different hairstyles, many people have been reviving old hair trends and putting a new spin on them.
Hair trends such as the mullet are having a resurgence in popularity in today’s world, amongst both older and younger generations. Trends surrounding hair dye are also emerging.
According to The Body Serene hairstylist Justin Magdule, hair trends as a whole are continually developing. “I think that trends are always going to change. No matter where you live, [or] what you do,” Magdule said.
Sophomore Brogan Sullivan thinks that everybody should get a mullet. “As a previous mullet user,” Sullivan said, “I feel like there’s something about it that’s just amazing.” He notes the convenience of the hairstyle saying, “It’s not in your face, but it looks nice.”
Sophomore Lyla Jagger has a more neutral stance on the mullet. She thinks that only people that can pull it off should have it, but if you can’t you should “come to the conclusion that you can’t.”
Magdule is very excited about the mullet’s return. It was a big thing when he was growing up and he’s glad to see it make a comeback. He notes popular women’s hairstyles too, such as the shag from the 70s.
Hair dying has similarly increased in popularity.
According to Sullivan, there has been a lot of lighter colors, such as blues and purples. “[I think it’s] maybe to kind of match their hair with the seasons,” Sullivan said.
Jagger has seen more black with color underneath or colored roots, especially with the emo and grunge trends.
Because of all the different subcultures in high schools these days, there are a lot of different perspectives on hair trends.
Jagger herself has been dying her hair since kindergarten. It’s just something her family has always done. “It’s interesting doing the different colors and seeing how everything looks and then realizing I hate one,” Jagger said. “Normally, I get my ideas from colors that didn’t work well.”
Magdule has been a hairstylist for 10 years and says that he absolutely loves his job. One of the many reasons why he loves his job is because “people look forward to getting their hair done,” Magdule said. “It’s something that makes them feel good about themselves.” Magdule has found that if somebody has had a rough day or they’re going through something, they’ll come in and open up about it.