Pro: Divide your burdens and multiply your joys in a relationship

By learning useful relationship skills such as communication and compromise, being in a high school relationship can be hugely beneficial. Relationships offer confidence, stress relief and happiness which can help many young people to thrive.


By growing and maturing alongside another person, relationships offer much needed navigation through the woes of one’s teenage years with emotional support and encouragement to be the best you can be.

One of the largest benefits of being in a relationship that truly allows both people to flourish together is the confidence boost that comes from having a person in your life that loves you for who you are.

At times it can be hard for some people to appreciate who they are, but with a significant other that can offer reassurance whenever needed, people in relationships can glow with confidence all the time.

The benefits of being in a relationship are amplified incredibly if both parties are willing to communicate in a healthy manner and work through their problems together. 

The better that two people are at working through their problems together, the more they will be able to help each other out and make each other’s lives much easier.

One valuable attribute to a relationship is that you have someone in your life that can be honest with you, and help make you into your best self.

Having a partner that will relieve stress makes navigating the usually very stressful high school experience much easier, because you have somebody to vent to and share hardships with.

There are an immense amount of useful skills you learn from incorporating another person into your life that will help with your friendships and relationships in the future.

You will better understand the emotions of others and improve on your own sympathy, which is important at a young age for maintaining relationships. 

You will learn communication and compromise skills so that you and another person can be as happy as possible even in unfortunate situations.

Through your partner you have chances to make new friends, and have a second family. When going to social events with your significant other you get to meet their friends and family, which can also improve your ability to socialize and make new acquaintances.

When in a relationship, things that may have been hard to do by yourself such as keeping up with school assignments, working out and eating healthier become easier because you have another person to do those things with and encourage you to do better.

Relationships can be a huge mood-booster whenever you are feeling down, if you need to clear your head for whatever reason you always have someone to reach out to and hangout with.

Going on dates can bring such a large feeling of ecstasy and happiness that will instantly make your day, if you are with someone who you love and care about greatly.

Being in a relationship also means you have a guaranteed date to events such as dances and parties which makes you feel more included during those events.