Our king, our savior, Adam Sandler

Even though his attire can be questionable at times, Adam Sandler is a lot smarter than some might think. From “Bobby watches Grandma” to “Big daddy” Sandler’s “great” films have benefitted us all.


By making an average of one movie a year, actor Adam Sandler truly lives life like no one is watching and makes a ton of money in the process. 

Sandler is best known for his silly movies such as “Happy Gilmore,” “50 First Dates,” “Jack & Jill,” and many, many more.

Sandler has also stared in some more serious films such as “The Meyerowitz Stores” and “Punch-Drunk Love.” 

Over his almost 28-year acting career, Sandler has made 51 movies ranging from 0%-93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Before his big movie career, Sandler worked as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1990-1994. In 2019, Sandler came back to New York to host Saturday Night Live for the first time.

Some of Sandlers sketches during his tenure on SNL in the 90s include the lyrical genius that is “Lunch Lady Land”  which is written from the perspective of a high school lunch lady about the high school cafeteria experience. While Sandler strums his guitar and sings, his co-star Chris Farley does an interpretive dance as the high school lunch lady. 

Some other wonderful sketches include, “Thanksgiving Song,” “Pepper Boy” and “Bobby watches Grandma.”

While Sandler is well known by almost all generations at this point, he is best identified by Gen Z as “the guy who’s always wearing street clothes and doesn’t really care about his appearance.”

Sandler, now 55, seems to dress more like a fifth-grade boy who’s still learning how to match rather than an adult with a $420 million net worth according to Forbes. 

Some of his most “stylish” streetwear outfits include him wearing an oversized, blue “Superman” t-shirt, paired with blue basketball shorts for a nice monochromatic look (so trendy!).

Another fan favorite is Sandler’s oversized, Irish green graphic tee, with another pair of blue basketball shorts that go past his knees. Sandler makes a statement in this fit though, throwing on another oversized navy blue puffer jacket that makes him look twice his size. 

While some may feel it looks like Sandler has “given up,” when it comes to how some people live their life we should be looking to Sandler as an example.

This man doesn’t care what people think of him and just goes through life somewhat unbothered. His movies are seen as jokes that people can’t take seriously, and Sandler probably knows this, but still carries out making an average of one film a year.

Because he hasn’t given up, he just keeps going. Sandler is now averaging around one film a year, and most movies take 2-3 months to film, and a lot of his films just happen to take place in some tropical setting.

So Sandler basically gets to go to these beautiful locations, that most people spend years saving for, for two-three months, with some of his best friends and family- all expenses paid. In most movies, he falls in love with some women who are way out of his league and he is the hero at the end of the resolution. 

Once the movie is done filming, he packs his stuff, flies home in his street clothes, goes to the premiere a few months later, collects his bag, and then starts the whole process over again.

The man is a genius.

Sure the quality of the movies isn’t always “the best” and sometimes might be “unwatchable.” But,  there are still so many people who would die to be in his place. 

While Sandler might not appear that bright, we could all stand to give him just a little more credit.