Montco President Judge ceremony held at Souderton

Inviting over 300 community members to attend, new President Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio held her swearing-in at Soudertons auditorium. Carluccio is Montgomery County’s first female President Judge.


In order to be immersive with the community Montgomery County’s first female President Judge held her induction ceremony at Souderton High School for students and teachers alike to enjoy.

President Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was sworn in on January 10 in the high school auditorium. 

Carluccio decided to hold her swearing-in at Souderton after participating as a keynote speaker at the Women’s Symposium on November 10. 

“It’s really important to allow the community and students to see what the judicial process is and how it works. I saw this beautiful facility that seats 800 people and I knew that in the pandemic it would allow the community to all to be involved together,” Carluccio said.

Around 300 guests from the community attended the ceremony as well as 150 students who were invited by history and social science teachers. 

Junior Alexander Ace believes it was an “important” moment that he got to witness.

“It’s a good opportunity to let kids experience a crucial moment in a judge’s career and I feel like its a cool experience for teachers or for students to be able to see how judges are sworn in,” Ace said.

Pathway Ambassadors as well as Student Council officers helped escort community guests and judges to waiting rooms and the auditorium.

Student Council officer Hannah Chasan believes the ceremony was “inspiring” as she hopes to go into the law and political science field.

“It’s just really interesting to see the legal world right in front of our eyes as well as the ceremony and all the official business they had to go through before they could actually do the real swearing-in,” Chasan said.

Chasan also says being able to talk to the judges she was escorting was very “fun” and “informative” as well.

“The most memorable judge was the judge who was on the Bill Cosby trial, so that was pretty cool.

Carluccio really hoped to inspire students and community members as well, “I wanted to inspire [the students] and I wanted them to look at this and say ok I can do this, and they can, everybody can do this, anybody that has the want to can actually do this,” Carluccio said.

Junior Annabel Mensah believes Carluccio is accomplishing this by involving the community as well as being the first female President Judge. 

“It’s just nice to see more females in higher positions because it just shows younger girls, someone, to look up to,” Mensah said, “And it’s also really nice to see something big happening at Souderton again.”

Carluccio is hoping to take the energy from her swearing-in ceremony with her throughout her five-year term.

“I think the most important goal is I want everyone to feel a passion again, to feel a want to, because I think that that’s lacking a little bit and so I want to share my enthusiasm and I have a lot of it,” Carluccio said.