February 2022 brrr-ings Winter Olympics in Beijing

With opening ceremonies drawing closer, the skiing, snowboarding, figure skating and sledding student-athletes share their thoughts on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic events, beginning on February 4.


To bring in the new year, Beijing, China is hosting the XXIV Winter Olympic games. From February 4-20, athletes from around the world will compete in 109 events over 15 disciplines in seven sports.
According to Insider.com, the favorite event in the United States is figure skating.
Sophomore Anya Patel is a competitive ice skater at Hatfield Ice Arena in Colmar, Pa.
“I like [watching]figure skating in the Olympics,” Patel said. She is excited to see the professionals in action.
When competing on dangerous ski slopes, accidents are bound to happen.
Senior Vanessa Morrison has been part of the Spring Mountain ski patrol since winter 2020. cf
According to the National Ski Patrol website, ski patrol is “​​dedicated to serving by providing education and accreditation to emergency care.”
Along with doing ski patrol, Morrison also snowboards and has traveled all over the country for the best slopes.
She is looking forward to watching the big air or park freestyle snowboarding competitions.
“I’m looking at Jamie Anderson this year,” Morrison said.
The United States is sending around 200 athletes to Beijing.
Senior Theo Coleman said he is looking forward to watching Shaun White and Chloe Kim who both compete in the snowboard half-pipe.
Chloe Kim became the youngest female to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal in the 2018 Olympics.
She was just 17 years old, and this year is looking to keep making history, representing the United States in 2022.
Despite his interest in United States snowboarding, Coleman actually skis.
“I try to ski twice or three times a week when we have good snow,” Coleman said.
His favorite Olympic event is Mogul skiing.
Senior Melissa Ryder travels out to Utah, Wyoming and Vermont to get her ski on.
Her favorite destination is Park City Canyons in Utah, which is the biggest ski resort in the United States.
She began lessons there at age four and fell in love with the sport.
Skiing brings to mind a particular quote that Ryder’s parents have told her, “Snowboarding is harder to learn and easier to master. Skiing is easier to learn and harder to master.”
“At first, it doesn’t seem like that is true. But really skiing gets so much more complicated,” Ryder said.
Her favorite Olympic event to watch is aerial skiing, although she would never attempt to try it.
“I wish I could do all the spins and turns,” Ryder said. “But I think I would break my neck if I tried.”
Sophomore Lily Hassett dreams of competing in Italy’s winter games in 2026.
“My favorite event is bobsledding,” Hassett said. “I go practice whenever there is snow on the ground.”