Rock Band’s evolution from after school club to class

The class has continued to evolve and change since it was created at the beginning of the 2020 school year.


Due to the popularity of the Rock Band Club, band teacher Adam Tucker formed the rock band class at the beginning of the 2020 school year.
Many students use this class as their chance to express themselves through the music they play.
“I do Rock Band because I enjoy performing and I enjoy the feeling of the audience,” senior James Baker said.
The class was created by band director Adam Tucker after a student approached him to be the advisor of a club.
“Someone wanted to create a club and they [asked] to make Mr. Tucker the club advisor,” Baker said. “Mr. Tucker decided that people were having a lot of fun so he decided to make it into a class. There are currently around 40 people in the class.”
Through the class, some students have become very close through their love of music.
“Rock Band is important to me because we became a family and I talk to every single person, it’s my favorite class”
The class offers a different music-related experience than other classes available at the high school.
“I joined because it was a different musical experience than most people are able to have in high school. Our school is lucky enough to have a great music program,” junior Sean Manalansen said.
The class also allows students to get a break from the average school experience through the class environment and opportunity.
“I like Rock Band because music is what I like to do and it’s a place for me to get out and lead a band which is what I learned how to do over Rock Band,” Manalansen said.
Some students joined the class specifically for the different curriculum and experience it offers.
“I joined Rock Band last year because it sounded interesting and I wasn’t about to take another AP class,” senior Daniel Micsion said.
However, many people have different reasons for taking the class, such as for personal expression and love for music.
“Everyone does Rock Band for a different reason. Rock Band provides me with an outlet to express my enjoyment of singing and gives me an opportunity to sing outside of a choral setting. I enjoy making connections with each of my band members and whenever I get to class, I can just relax and do what I love, singing,” Micsion said.
Some students learned about the class from other members who encouraged them to participate in the class.
“I found out about Rock Band through one of my friends who was part of the class last year so I decided to join. He said it was a great experience that I should be a part of. You get to do solo singing when everyone is together and I wanted to give it a try rather than just having a study hall,” Baker said.
The class continues changing and evolving as more people join.
Changes include the songs they are able to perform.
“The first time that we did it we got to pick our own songs and we just had to pass them through the teacher to make sure it was ok. Other times he would have a big list that you would have to sign up for. In the beginning, since the class was big, we split it into three different bands that would play different songs,” Baker said.
Miscion is happy with his decision to take the class.
“I am really glad that last school year I decided to take this class and it really has helped me grow my personality and the way I want people to view me,” Micsion said.