Mankind is wrong, but can learn to be better

In a constantly growing world, people tend to change and destroy the past to create, in what they see as, a “better future.” Instead of re-building on top of and forgetting history we need to use it as a foundation for the future.


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“There was a time above… a time before… there were perfect things… diamond absolutes. But things fall… things on Earth. And what falls… is fallen. In the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie,” (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).
Mankind. The only species on Earth capable of destroying the world single-handedly.
Think about it.
One violent, tempered, and forceful politician can end the world with the push of a button, killing millions, if not billions.
One would think humans would have learned to use their words to solve their problems, not human lives and mass destruction.
Unfortunately, I don’t think we have.
The U.S.A. is a young country, still finding our footing in many ways, but we are aggressive, which is almost contradictory to the fact that, in many ways, we are also lazy.
“The people” want change, but we oftentimes don’t have the motivation to make it.
Not everybody is this way, but a large margin of the population are.
The American dream is supposed to stand for freedom. It should give people hope of better lives in a new country where anybody can be anything. The U.S. has much to learn. Just because we have won a few wars and beat other countries to nuclear warfare or the moon, it doesn’t mean we’re perfect.
We’re not even close. We’re divided. Our politics have become so divisive and disjointed, which has spread between our people in their everyday lives.
Countries are drawn to competition.
To conflict.
To war.
Countries like to put their fingers into situations they don’t belong in because they want to “help,” which sometimes makes the situations even worse.
The pilgrims left Great Britain because they wanted religious freedom for themselves. They wanted to be who they wanted to be.
That was the year 1620.
It is now 2022.
Four hundred two years later, many people in the United States still want change and are fighting for that.
Slavery was abolished in 1865 ( because it was wrong, but did the white supremacists of our country truly stop oppressing?
While the Civil Rights movement began in 1954, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of righting our wrongs.
Again, the world isn’t perfect, but it’s better than it used to be and things are starting to look up… a little bit.
We have the celebrities who sing The Beatles’ “Together” when the world is in a crisis like COVID or any natural disaster, some might even throw some money at the situation. But that’s it.
The people with wealth, a strong voice, and influence do almost nothing and the people actually being affected are stuck waiting for something to change.
There are outlier celebrities who actually care and put forth all of their effort towards a situation but it’s few and far between.
The only species on Earth capable of saving the world single-handedly. Think about it.
One open-minded, cooperative, and peaceful politician can help bring the world to a better place with one phone call, saving his country, if not the world.
Humans are learning to use their words to solve their problems.
We are learning to spread happiness and peace.
Humans will do better.
“Men are still good. We fight. We kill. We betray one another. But we can rebuild. We can do better. We will. We have to,” (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).