Crochet and Knit Club revamped to help community

By having meetings after school, the newly revamped Crochet and Knit Club has been able to provide an outlet for students to relieve stress and to help the community.


In order to help relieve stress and anxiety for students through a creative outlet, the Crochet and Knit Club has been altered with new changes. Club leaders plan to give back to the community with their creations.
Although the club already existed, president Erin Magee “reinstated” the club as there were few resources for the club.
Magee hopes to provide students with the chance to learn a new hobby, or grow their skills.
The club is open to any level of expertise. Right now the club members are welcome to bring in any project that they are working on.
Crocheting and knitting can also be a way to grow your knowledge. “It’s mainly just a way to learn new things,” junior Madhura Dahale said.
One change to the club this year includes member dues.
As a part of member dues, the club will donate projects the members have created to the local community.
“I’m teaching people who come how to crochet and knit and then we have member dues,” Magee said. Instead of having traditional club member dues, Magee said that members have to “make a scarf or hat and the club will donate them to homeless shelters and places for the winter.”
According to Magee, crocheting is a beneficial skill that doesn’t go away.
“Knitting and crocheting is very good for your mental health because the movement helps with anxiety,” Magee said.
Junior Madhura Dahle says that the club is all about having fun and [it’s] an outlet for all the stress that students deal with.
“It’s really just having fun and releasing all the stress that school has been causing,” Dahle said.