Senior athletes commit to future endeavors

Going through the process of committing to a college for a sport, many senior athletes have found their futures.


Kaitlyn DiCandilo

New beginnings…Signing the final documents, senior Kaitlyn Dicandilo commits to Shippensburg University for soccer. Dicandilo hopes to further her athletic career while attending her top college.

In preparation to follow their passion for athletics, many seniors have committed to playing their favorite sport at the colleges of their choice.
Seniors express their excitement to follow their favorite sports throughout their college career.
Senior Nick Mancini committed to his first-choice college, Moravian University for lacrosse at the end of November 2021.
“I was familiar with the music program at Moravian University, making it my top choice,” Mancini said.
Senior Lauren Hallman chose to attend East Stroudsburg University for lacrosse in July 2021.
“East Stroudsburg was one of my top choices,” Hallman said. “I chose it because of the coaching staff and it’s competitive lacrosse program.”
Senior Grace DeMarzio also committed to her first choice school for lacrosse on June 20, 2021.
“I chose Shippensburg University because I really like the campus and the program for lacrosse was really good,” DeMarzio said.
Senior Kaitlyn Dicandilo accepted an offer to play soccer at her top college, Shippensburg University in May 2021.
“I really loved the campus and the environment surrounding the soccer team that the coach told me about when I went on my visit there,” Dicandilo said.
In contrast to land sports, senior Kelsey Donatelli committed to Lafayette College to swim on December 10, 2021.
“I met with the coach and some people from the team and I really liked them. It was just the perfect fit,” Donatelli said.
The process of committing for most of the seniors involved emailing and interacting with various coaches.
“It involved a lot of reaching out to coaches and playing in tournaments,” DeMarzio said. “I also had to be really verbal with the coaches.”
Mancini said that he emailed the coach and asked him if he could play there.
When the coach responded, Mancini was able to visit the school.
Donatelli emailed the coach of the Lafayette swim team in her search to attend college there.
“I messaged with the coach a couple of times and then I went there to meet with him,” Donatelli said.
Dicandilo went to ID clinics and showcases in order to play in front of her potential coaches.
After going through the commitment process, these athletes are looking forward to their future.
“I am super excited to face new challenges and improve myself as a player,” DeMarzio said.
As these athletes prepare for their future, some recall how they first got involved with their preferred sport.
Some seniors started playing their sports when they were in elementary school.
“I began playing lacrosse when I was in fourth grade,” Mancini said.
DeMarzio started playing lacrosse in third grade while Hallman started playing lacrosse in fifth grade.
Dicandilo started playing soccer at the age of three.