Foo Fighters inducted into Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Because of his influential presence on the music scene, Dave Grohl has been inducted again. Many are reminiscing about his influential rock musician career.


Arrowhead photo by Miranda Razzi

Rocking out…Entertaining the student body, The Rock Ensemble plays “Everlong” by Foo Fighters during lunch. (From left) freshman Charlie Whiteman, senior James Baker, senior Andrew Febus and senior Dan Micsion pour their hearts into their performance.

In view of the extreme musical influence of Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, he has been inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame a second time in his life.
His first band to be inducted was Nirvana, for which he was their drummer.
However, with the Foo Fighters he is a vocalist as well as a guitarist, starring as the frontman of the band.
“I think he deserves it, especially since he’s basically being inducted as two different musicians, because one was drums and one was mostly guitar and vocals,” said senior Andrew Febus. “I definitely think he deserves it, probably more than some other musicians that got inducted twice, because most of them just got the same thing under different names.”
The Foo Fighters have 10 albums, and according to band director Adam Tucker, they have shown no signs of stopping any time soon.
Tucker feels that Grohl is one of those musicians that will play until he can’t anymore.
“The thing about Grohl is that he plays with rotating musicians, so he can keep it going as long as he wants,” Tucker said.
This is in stark contrast to rock music enthusiast Kelly Pflieger’s opinion, however.
Pflieger thinks that the Foo’s will stop producing albums in a few years.
His reasoning is that other projects will arise that will allow Grohl to transition to something “new and fresh.”
Grohl has been a part of two transcending groups in the music industry, and according to Pflieger, his musical composition and attention to detail is unmatched by many in the music industry.
Pflieger, who first heard the Foo Fighters music while it was playing at a Flyers game, feels that Grohl brings a different rhythm to the guitar parts.
“Some of his early riffs sit in a technical pocket that is unique,” Pflieger said.
According to junior Evelyn Sands, the Foo Fighters were heavily influenced by Grohl’s earlier band. Sands said that Nirvana “shined a lot of light on the Foo Fighters.”
The question of which Nirvana album is most influential to Grohl and the sound of the Foo’s however, is up for debate.
Febus, who has been listening to them his whole life, thinks Nirvana’s first album, ‘Bleach’ was more influential to the Foo Fighters sound than the other albums.
This is in agreement with Tucker, who believes that Grohl wanted to do something a bit harder than Nirvana’s simple, but often hard hitting power chords.
“That first album, I think he was aiming for a different sound but still obviously influenced by the ‘grunge-metal’ of Nirvana,” Tucker said.