Tech Hub improves faculty, students’ daily lives

Making learning more accessible via technology, the tech department constantly works to fix any tech challenges that faculty and students face.


Trying their best to aid the faculty and student body, the Tech Hub continuously attends to persistent and prevalent technology issues whenever they are able to do so.
Site support technician Aaron Bates said that the tech department’s goal is to give the technology needed and services needed so that “every student gets the best education they can.”
“Anything that we do for the teachers and other staff members is so that the students get the best possible education,” Bates said. “Students always [come] first.”
Network Manager for Devices Bill Hazel said that the Tech Hub was founded in 2016, when all students recieved their own school-provided devices. It was designed “to be an open space for [students] to come and get service.”
The Tech Hub deals with hardware problems, laptop damage, technical difficulties and password protection/records. “We have all the student passwords on file so if a student forgets their password we can help,” site support technician Cameron Tressler said.
The tech department’s first goal with technology is always to provide a structurally sound education but also to make sure that everything is secure and safe.
Bates said they are taking a more “hands-on approach to passwords” this year.
“This is the first year we’ve kept [the passwords] on file and I think that’s because in previous years you could set your password to whatever you want but this year, just due to security, we are issuing them out just based off a random generator that way we make sure every student’s password meets a certain criteria of security,” Bates said.
Whether it’s helping students attending school in person or online, the Tech Hub still provides needed assistance.
“I think the main thing is just making sure that every student has a working computer at all times,” Bates said. “We have to make sure that students are ready to learn at home and teachers are ready to teach at home at any given moment.”
The tech department gets little to no warning when the school switches to virtual learning. Nevertheless, they’re still working to make sure that when students are at home they have access to Tech Hub assistance.
“We have to make sure that everybody can access Schoology when we have FID days,” Bates said.