Card Fight Club offers members a place to enjoy the games

Due to their passion for card fighting, sophomores Cayden Johnson and Jackson Rohrbaugh started the Card Fight Club.

Meetings for the Card Fight Club are held in science teacher Denis Robertson’s room on Mondays after school and new members are always welcome to stop by.
According to club co-founder Cayden Johnson, the members play many different card fighting games, but are open to playing any type of card game.
“[The members] play lots of different card games, like Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon and Cardfight Vanguard,” Johnson said. “[They’re] also willing to play other types of card games like poker and games like that.”
Johnson and his friend, Jackson Rohrbaugh, decided last year they would create this club with a few of their friends, as Souderton has not yet offered a club where they could play the card-fighting games that they all love and enjoy.
According to Johnson, Rohrbaugh and he decided one day in study hall that they should start the club.
“Jackson and I were like, ‘We should have a club where kids of all ages should come and play card games together after school,’” Johnson said. “So we were like ‘Hey, let’s create a club.’”
Not long after, Johnson and Rohrbaugh decided to reach out to the school to begin the process of making it an official club.
To start any club at Souderton, a club advisor is needed. Johnson and Rohrbaugh, because of his flexible schedule and past experience with the boys, decided to request Robertson to be their club advisor. Robertson fills the role as more of a supervisor.
Robertson hopes that one day he learns how to play the games that they play during club time. However, before Robertson was asked to be the club advisor, he had never really heard of the term card fighting in the first place. “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like a fight club where they were fighting each other, beating each other up. So then I learned it was a card game, so that was fine with me,” Robertson said.
“Card fighting basically is when you are using certain types of cards against someone else, who is also able using different cards and those cards basically battle each other on a field,” said card fighting enthusiast Gabe Barzousky.
Barzousky is one of the Card Fight Club’s first members; he has joined card fighting tournaments in the past for prizes.
“Because of this club, I now go to card fighting tournaments up in Blue Bell because I’ve learned how to play these games,” Barzousky said.
Club member Douglas Reilly enjoys playing these games with his close friends Rohrbah and Johnson.
“I’m friends with the leaders of the club, so I decided to pop in one of the days, and I really enjoy what they’re doing with the cards and stuff,” Reilly said.