Ice hockey builds friendship, acceptance during season

Due to the culture of accepting underclassman, the high school’s ice hockey team has developed a connection amongst the athletes. The team has been able to translate these personal connections onto the ice for a more enjoyable and worthwhile season.


Shawn Smith

He shoots he scores…Preparing to shoot the puck, freshman Nick Smith skates across the ice during the game.

Through the teamwork and friendships that the team has built on and off the ice, the ice hockey team has a continued culture of acceptance and strong connections with each other.
The team has routinely accepted new underclassman players openly and made sure they felt welcomed.
“I [felt] like everyone accepted us all as a freshman,” sophomore Jacob Chow said. “Now we all get along great.”
According to freshman Patrick Callahan, the team all works together very well when needed and the coach never showcases favoritism towards certain players over others.
“[Our coach] does not keep favorites and [he] makes sure we work together on the ice,” Callahan said.
The team’s humor helps create a positive and warm environment for newcomers to the team.
Callahan thinks the fun nature of the team makes it more enjoyable.
“I enjoy playing on this team because they are all pretty funny,” Callahan said.
According to Chow, ice hockey is more enjoyable when you have a fun team to be around.
“I play ice hockey almost every day with the team and still really enjoy it,” Chow said. “I’m friends with a bunch of upperclassmen and we have been getting closer since last year.”
Callahan has played with this team since eighth grade.