Teenage Christmas lists support hobbies

Hoping to get their desired gifts, high schoolers are constructing Christmas lists for Santa Claus and purchasing presents for friends and family. Most high schoolers wish to get gifts that will aid them in their favorite hobbies.


Arrowhead Photo by Aubrey Dluzneski

The most wonderful time of the year…Getting ready for Saint Nick, senior Preston Ziegenfuss writes up a Christmas list. The top item on Ziegenfuss’s list is a road bicycle because of his passion for bike riding.

To prepare for Christmas, high schoolers are creating Christmas lists consisting of a variety of supplies, toys and electronics before mailing them off to Saint Nick at the North Pole.

Many students are wishing for gifts based on their hobby of choice this year. 

“It would be wonderful to get a road bike for Christmas,” senior Preston Ziegenfuss said. 

Ziegenfuss’s Christmas list consists of a road bicycle because of his “love and passion for riding bikes.”

“The top thing on my list is a PlayStation 5 because it is the latest console,” sophomore Danny Dyches said in hopes to further his hobby of gaming.

Additionally, junior Reagan Lisius wishes for art supplies this year for Christmas. 

“My list consists of new art supplies because they’re really expensive, so I try to save them for my Christmas list,” Lisius said.

Some students also plan to buy gifts for others this Christmas. Ziegenfuss and Lisius prefer to do their Christmas shopping in person. 

“I try to go to real stores because I like the idea of shopping in person,” Ziegenfuss said. Even so, Ziegenfuss said that he “hates shopping” so he ends up doing most of his shopping online. 

Lisius shops at a variety of stores for her friends and family. 

“For my mom, I shop at Kohls, but for my brothers, I shop at Best Buy,” Lisius said.

Many other students prefer doing their Christmas shopping at the mall.

“I go to the King of Prussia Mall to Christmas shop,” Dyches said.

While online shopping is preferred by freshman Elizabeth James, she said that shopping online provides a limited selection.

“For my presents that I cannot buy online, I go to the mall or the outlets,” James said.

Once the Christmas lists are made, they are sent to Santa Claus. 

Ziegenfuss “fires up his fax machine” and faxes his letter to Santa Claus.

“I send Santa Claus a very lovely email with my list attached to it,” Lisius said, “usually one of his elves gets back to me and says that it’s been approved.” 

Dyches always reviews his list a few times to make sure it is correct.

“I am going to make my list and check it twice and then Santa will pick it up,” Dyches said.

James says that she prefers to write out her list by hand.

“I get a paper and pencil to write my list down before I deliver it to Santa Claus,” James said.

Despite holiday gift giving, for James the true meaning of Christmas is spending time with family. 

“I do not care what I get as long as I am spending time with my family,” James said.