Barn Attic promises originality, ease during gift-giving season

Due to a homey and personable feel, members of Souderton’s community are frequenting the Barn Attic. For many people, the business will promise a refreshing experience for the gift search this holiday season.


Arrowhead Photo by Nate Eraydin

Take a gander…To support business owners of Souderton’s community as well as a sustainable future, sophomore Lily Burrell shops Christmas décor at the Barn Attic this gift-giving season. The Barn Attic has maintained an inventory of hundreds of thousands of vintage and antique items throughout its 150-year history.

In preparation for the holiday shopping experience this season, the Souderton community points towards the Barn Attic, a 150-year-old antique store in Harleysville, Pa., for its charm and polite staff. 

The store takes pride in being idiosyncratic and one-of-a-kind. According to business owner Mary Lou Richards, the store is “the perfect place for anyone tired of the glitter and brass of big store shopping and looking for the quaint and unique.”

Sophomore Lily Burrell enjoys supporting the Barn Attic because of its atmosphere and agrees with its boasts of individuality.

“This is a very iconic place and it’s literally been here longer than anyone I know,” Burrell said, “It has such good bones and a very good history.”

Richards takes pride in this history of her and her family’s hard work and dedication towards the business.

“We’re really proud of our business because we have worked from one piece,” Richards said, “When we started, we had nothing, and we bought one item at a time, and that’s the way we usually sell it.” 

Richards feels that this personal connection with the items she sells contributes to the spirit of the store.

With the holiday season approaching, some community members feel that it is important to shop locally for their gifts. According to Burrell, the Barn Attic is a great place to do so.

“The holidays are very important to family-surrounded tradition at this time of year,” Burrell said, “I think that it’s just more personal to get items from a local business, especially an antique store, rather than just ordering something on Amazon.” 

On top of the value of the personability of shopping locally, Burrell also values the Christmas shopping experience which has sometimes been replaced by online shopping. 

“I think it’s just so much more worth it to go exploring and actually have that Christmas shopping experience rather than just ordering something online,” Burrel said.

According to sophomore Sonia Dharmani, the store is a place for almost anyone, possessing “literally anything you can think of.”

In spite of their massive inventory, Richards still possesses an extensive knowledge of the items in her store, “If you tell me what you’re looking for, I can tell you where it is,” Richards said. 

According to Burrell, this personability and knowledge make the Barn Attic a place where you can find something for anyone. 

“The first time I came here, I asked specifically for moon and star earrings,” Burrell said, “and there was a whole shelf, and they knew exactly where it was.”

Sophomore Emily Bauso feels that the roots of Barn Attic’s greatness come from this type of support and kind nature from the staff. 

“Richards is very hardworking, and she deserves the community’s support because of how much care she puts into what she does,” Bauso said.

Dharmani ties in the recent trends of thrifting with the store’s vintage and antique inventory, including clothes, jewelry and accessories. According to her, these can make a great self-gift when stopping in for others, as well as a change of pace or alternative to thrift stores which are often not locally owned businesses.

The business is located at 324 Harleysville Pike, Route 113 in Harleysville. Burrell recommends bringing a reusable tote bag, as the business is environmentally aware and does not use disposable plastic bags in order to better protect the nature of the Harleysville community.

They also have a cat, Maximilian, who follows shoppers or waits for them at the register. “He loves having his picture taken,” Richards said.