Podcasts gain popularity, interest among students

Using the school podcast room, students are producing their own podcasts on subjects ranging from music to athletics. The room was created in 2019; however, due to COVID-19, it could not be fully used until this year


By recording, editing and publishing
their own podcasts, TV Production students are putting the school’s podcast room
to use.
According to technology education
teacher Brian Ruth, the reason why the
room was not used regularly until this year
is because of changing COVID-19 safety
“Unfortunately, last year we didn’t have
any podcasts because this room’s so small
and having four or five people in here
with COVID restrictions [wouldn’t have
worked]” Ruth said.
Juniors Paige Wilkinson and Juan Shinn
recently started up a podcast called “YIKES
You Need to Calm Down.” In this podcast,
the two debate between their preferences of
Taylor Swift and Kanye West.
“Juan’s a really big Kanye West fan and
I’m a really big Taylor Swift fan, so we decided to merge those ideas together from
the whole Taylor Swift and Kanye West
drama,” Wilkinson said. “We discuss their
albums, their hits, and just everything
about them.”
The podcast is something that Wilkinson
enjoys because she gets to bring others in
on her and Juan’s ongoing debate.
“I thought it was really fun, and I was
just excited to bring it to a recording, to
share our thoughts with other people,”
Wilkinson said.
So far, only one episode has come out,
where they talk about “the basics.” It is
available for listening on Spotify.
Shinn also has a podcast that he created
with junior Levi Lewis entitled “Juan and
Lev Podcast,” which is about rap music
and hip hop. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.
Shinn explained that one of the things he
enjoys doing while working on the podcast
is letting his voice be heard and letting others have an insight into what he’s thinking.
“They could see more of what I like,
what I think, and what I know, and maybe
[it would allow me to] branch out to new
friends, new conversations, and just connect people, hopefully,” Shinn said.
Athletic director Dennis Stanton has a
podcast called “Souderton Athletics ‘ALL
IN’ Podcast,” where different Souderton
athletes share their experiences regarding
sports, leadership, and school.
It’s available on Spotify.
“The best way for other students to
learn and grow is to hear stories from their
peers,” Stanton said.
The “power of the podcast” is the students contributing their stories, and being
“open and honest and vulnerable,” according to Stanton.