Interact celebrate veterans with brunch

To connect with the local veteran community and show appreciation, the Interact Club hosted its fifth annual brunch on November 13.


Arrowhead photo by Oliver Milles

Get it while it’s hot…Making conversation while serving breakfast, junior Natalie Rankin chats with veteran Bruce Hengey during the Interact Club’s veterans brunch on November 13.

Because of veterans’ service, the Interact Club hosted their annual brunch to show their appreciation. The brunch was held on November 13.
Due to COVID-19 and other outside factors, the Interact Club saw a slight decrease in the number of veterans attending the brunch.
“We have fewer veterans than usual, but we still have 35 coming,” Interact Club advisor Kathy Perricone said.
The brunch was hosted by the Interact Club and the Support Our Troops Club. “We have a group of about 25 students coming from Interact,” Perricone said.
The students attend the brunch to spend time with the veterans.
“The students will come to sit and eat with the veterans,” Perricone said, “They sit at tables with the veterans, listen to their stories and share what life is like as a high school student.”
Veteran appreciation is noticed by the veterans and many have returned each year.
“I think it’s great. I’ve been coming here since it started and I can’t even imagine not having it,” veteran Joe Rauchut said.
Veterans also feel as though they are appreciated.
“A lot of work goes into this… the organization and putting this all together is a major task,” Rauchet said.
The appreciation is a big reason that they come back each year.
They also enjoy the fact that they can share stories and past experiences with the students.
“It’s a good thing to help the youth to help understand the service these men and women who went out and sacrificed their lives to uphold the democracy in this country,” veteran Gordon Bell said.
The connection between both generations is valued by the veterans.
“I think it’s nice for the youth to appreciate and learn the things that veterans did,” Bell said.
Students feel that they can help make a difference in the community and that veterans brunch is a positive way to help connect with the veterans
“I love seeing the students engage with the veterans and enjoy brunch and games together,” Interact Co-President Hannah Lavery said.
Other students felt the same.
“I enjoy seeing all the veterans reunite and it’s really interesting to learn what they have gone through,” Interact member Kaci Goshow said.
Students also feel as though they can benefit from meeting and conversing with the veterans.
“I think that it’s good for them to come into the school…and I think it’s good for us to learn about their stories as well,” Interact member Jaelyn Lepore said.
Interact Club advisor Jennifer Detwiler said there was a “good turnout” and that the brunch was appreciated.
Detwiler also feels as though the Interact Club has done well in representing the motto of the roterys, “service above self.”
“I think our members do a fantastic job putting themselves out there to volunteer, work and help the community as best as they can,” Detwiler said.