Students dashing through the holidays

Due to the 2020 COVID-19 shutdowns, many people had to change holiday plans; therefore, the 2021 holidays are generating great anticipation from some Souderton staff and students this holiday season.


Arrowhead photo by Hannah Woodbury

Connor himsELF on the shelf…Displaying the Christmas spirit early, senior Connor Magee dresses as the beloved North Pole helper for Halloween. Magee thinks he would fit right in with the elves since his favorite holiday treat is the frosting right off of his gingerbread house.

To make up for a loss of festivities last year, Souderton’s staff is decking out for the season while students are looking forward to celebrating how they were not able to last year.
The high school’s main office secretaries traditionally decorate the front office and entrance for the season.
Main office secretary Donna Creachen enjoys decorating her desk and the area around it.
“We always have the tree and [it is] always lit up,” Creachen said. “We [also] have a menorah for Hanukkah.”
Local holiday activities that were modified last year are now open in full swing.
“I like going to the Christmas Village in Philadelphia,” senior Connor Magee said. “I think that place is really fun and I like walking around all the shops. It’s got the Christmas energy.”
According to their website, more than 100 activities and vendors will be on display at Christmas Village in Philadelphia and it will be running from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.
Activities include a dog adoption event, free library storytime and traditional German celebrations.
There will also be rides for children, such as a carousel, train and ferris wheel.
Magee also enjoys the Macy’s Christmas Carol, located in Philadelphia.
The event was displayed virtually last year.
“I love going to the Macy’s event,” Magee said. “Little things like that are opening up and bringing in more people. I’m excited.”
Since COVID-19 has changed the way holidays are celebrated, sophomore Rohan Petry said this holiday season has “the lights and the cheer” that have been missing.
Senior Ashlynn Graham said that since it is her last holiday season at home, things feel different.
“It feels like my last holiday season as a kid,” Graham said.
Graham is a self-proclaimed Christmas enthusiast.
“I am a firm believer in the fact that the Christmas season starts November 1 and ends on January 7,” Graham said.
The secretaries in the high school’s main office have opposing feelings on decorating for the holidays.
“My coworker is kind of funny and she [always says] ‘Agh, I gotta go get the tree,’” Creachen said.
Creachen’s attitude differs from her counterpart.
“For me personally, I notice Christmas in everything. When we drive down [Route] 309 at night with the hustle and bustle of everybody, all the sudden everyone’s got their red lights and green lights on,” Creachen said. “No matter what it is for me, I notice it everywhere because I feel it. ”
Creachen’s usual traditions were put on hold last year, particularly the highlight of her holiday season.
“Every year we bake cookies with my son, mom, dad, sister and her husband. The cookie baking is part of getting ready for the holidays. [It’s] part of the joy, the anticipation [and] the excitement,” Creachen said.
She also annually gets together with her neighbors for dinner.
“Seeing my neighbors, whom I never see all year, we make it a point to get together,” Creachen said. “You know, the people who live next door to each other and rarely get out to dinner together. Stuff like that is my favorite.”
When it comes to the favorite Christmas movies, “Polar Express” tops the list.
“As a kid I remember that was what made my idea of who Santa is,” Magee said.
According to Creachen and sophomore Mason Doppler, “Elf” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” make honorable mentions.