Zumba provides fun option for staying active

To continue physical activity throughout the winter, locals may be looking for indoor exercise programs that provide some entertainment. Zumba at the YMCA is a great option for a joyful workout.


Arrowhead photo by Jackson Self

A cooldown stretch…After an intense session of Zumba at the Indian Valley YMCA, Arrowhead Copy Editor Patrick Rother stretches. Despite his best efforts, the immense amounts of squats got the better of him.

By allowing for a fun and flexible dance routine, potential Zumba participants of all ages can find a new way to stay healthy with an intense workout.
Zumba is a fitness program that combines primarily Latin American music and some international music with dance moves.
The Zumba room at the Indian Valley YMCA is an expansive place with mirrors lining the walls so that participants in the dance are able to check their form and make sure they are doing the dances correctly.
The two usual instructors at the YMCA are both very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.
The high positive energy will encourage you to try your hardest and get the best possible workout for yourself.
Throughout the workout, the instructors offer alternatives to difficult exercises, which makes it so people of all ages and physical abilities can participate.
The inclusivity is a breath of fresh air in the usually rigid workout culture.
Going into Zumba for the first time, I had not expected the workout to be so intense.
However, as the workout progressed, I could feel myself beginning to become increasingly tired and sore.
That feeling was not just during the workout because my legs felt sore for the next four days.
Estimates state that an hour of intense Zumba can burn anywhere from 600 to 900 calories.
Along with burning all those calories Zumba may also improve cardiovascular health, help relieve stress, improve hand-eye coordination and tighten physique in general.
The fitness program is able to improve cardiovascular fitness by incorporating interval training consisting of fast and slow rhythmic movements over the hour-long session.
Yet another pro for Zumba is the timing of the activity.
The YMCA holds a Zumba event every Monday night, which makes it an ideal way to start off the week, and an ideal manner of stress relief when school work begins ramping up.
Zumba could also be a preferable workout alternative for those who are easily bored.
The time just seems to slip by as you are dancing with friends and getting yourself into shape.
The regular attendees at the YMCA are all very nice and welcome any newcomers into participating in this workout, which makes getting into the dances much easier.
The exercise is able to keep anyone constantly engaged with the intense dance moves and focus required to move your body with the music.
Zumba is also safer than many other forms of working out such as contact sports, which could potentially cause injuries.
For those who are interested in a great indoor workout for the winter months, don’t overlook the amazing opportunity to try Zumba, and participate in an excellent exercise no matter your physical capabilities.