Girls track team says farewell to Feliciani


Photo reprinted with permission from Mike Feliciani

Post meet pep talk…After competing in the 4×400 meter relay at the 2014 Viking Invite at Perkiomen Valley High School, sprinter Sue Frustino (left) and hurdler Allison Gallagher receive some advice and motivation from track coach Mike Feliciani. Athletes say that Feliciani’s ability to support and inspire is something they will remember.

With the conclusion of the 2021 spring track and field season, head track coach Mike Feliciani announced his departure from the team.
According to sophomore Zoe Bass, this news was “shocking.”
“I always thought he would be my coach for all my years [at the high school,]” Bass said. “ I wanted him to be there as my coach for my senior night.”
Feliciani had been the head coach for the girls track team for eight years.
“I love track. It was a sport I competed in all through high school and college,” Feliciani said.
One of the things Bass will miss most about Feliciani is the energy he brought to the team during each practice.
Several other team members agree, including sophomore Ava Mills.
“I am going to miss his fun spirit and his dedication,” Mills said.
Feliciani enjoyed many aspects of coaching, particularly helping the athletes grow and seeing their improvement.
“You’re always giving advice and I think the most rewarding thing is when an athlete really sells out and they commit fully to what they’re doing and then they start to see results,” Feliciani said. “Then you see what you’re doing is working and their attitude is working and then they start to see it.”
Although Feliciani will no longer be their coach, what he has taught the team will last far beyond, according to his players. “He really helped me improve. I am very thankful he pushed me as an athlete,” Mills said.
Bass agrees. “He is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had in any sport. He helps you out and helps you improve,” Bass said.
Feliciani was also supportive on and off the track, according to alumni Emily Shulingkamp. “He never failed to motivate me and help me when I was down…even outside of track practice, his classroom was always a safe space,” Shulingkamp said.
With the new track season starting, Feliciani wishes the team luck.
“I’m going to miss them. They’re great kids that I hope continue to work hard, set goals for themselves and don’t be afraid to fail,” Feliciani said. Feliciani will miss the girls and all of the relationships he has built over the last few years.
Other people on the team have also reflected on the comradery between the team.
“My teammates and my coaches really made [track] feel like a family,” Shulingkamp said.
As the girls await the upcoming season, they look forward to having assistant coach Frank Roman as the new head coach. “He’s got a lot of energy and great ideas so I know he’s going to be successful,” Feliciani said.
Feliciani worked hard to cultivate that family atmosphere on the team, and fully believes that, as the new head coach, Roman will continue that environment in the future enabling the girls to have a great season.