Issue 2 Thumbs Down


Physique over health

During the holidays, physical health can often take on different meanings to different people.
Sometimes these meanings are more harmful than healthy.
Fixating on physical physique instead of balance and mental health can be extremely detrimental.
It is important to focus on what makes you feel good and healthy. As long as you feel able-bodied, alert and focused, that is what to focus on during the holidays.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying and maintaining a firm workout routine, it can be beneficial, but it should not prevent you from enjoying the holidays with family. Focus on maintaining a happy, positive life as opposed to a restrictive lifestyle.

New COVID-19 variants

While vaccination statistics are increasing and the world is beginning to return to normal, it is quite unpleasant that news of another new variant is beginning to appear.
According to CNBC, the new variant has been traced back to South Africa and already has spread to Israel, Japan and Belgium.
The world awaits what legislature and policy will arise to face the new challenge, if any. What now seems like an old divide over what measures are needed, the fire over whether or not national governments should restrict travel and interaction is stoked.
No matter the severity of the new variant, it is still important to maintain safety during the pandemic.

Empty promises (COP26)

Expectations for the COP26 conference (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) may have been seen as unrealistic, they were the necessary limits for the planet to avoid seriously threatening climate consequences. The event failed to produce the needed changes to save the future of our environment. Many activist countries ended up rolling over during negotiations, permitting the continuation of the fossil fuel industry that is so destructive to the planet.
The goal of the conference was to keep the warming of the earth to less than 1.5 degrees celsius over the next 10 years.
According to the Climate Action Tracker, even if all countries maintain their pledges and follow through with promises, the average temperature of the earth will likely rise 2.9 degrees celsius.
In the past, many of these countries have failed to fulfill their promises.