Generationally, how times have changed

As time goes on, the world around us changes. Things “now” are always different from what they were “then,” and that’s just the way it goes.


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There are so many different things that change as the decades pass, from catching up with friends, to what we think is most important in the world.
As teenagers today, we have quite a bit on our plate: school stress, college, politics and a global pandemic.
When it comes to things to worry about, we sure have a lot.
Senior Oisin Carolan says that a worry for teens today is the state of the world that we live in.
“I believe that if we don’t start genuinely trying to reverse all of the negative impacts we’ve made on the world, then someday there won’t be a world to live in,” Carolan said.
As a member of Generation X, Harleysville resident Holly Bechtel says that failure was her biggest worry as a teen, but her views now have changed.
“At my age now, I’m more secure when it comes to life. I’m just always worried for my children and I want them to be the best they can be,” Bechtel said.
Along with concerns for family, members of Generation X have another thing to “stress” over, according to Bechtel.
“I’m also a little concerned about retirement and I just want to make sure that I’m financially comfortable when that time comes,” Bechtel said.
With our stresses, we tend to look up to or even idolize people that we deem successful.
As a teen, Gen-Xer Amy Wilkins looked up to most celebs, due to their high status and money.
Now, she says that isn’t as important.
“I used to think that people like Biggie Smalls were the coolest. Being famous is cool, but it’s what you do with the fame that matters,” Wilkins said. “Now, I’d say Trace Atkins is the most admirable, because he’s really supportive of our troops. As a vet, that means a lot to me.”
Senior Oisin Carolan says that a celebrity to look up to is Ashton Kutcher.
“I think that it’s great that he uses his platform to do such good things, and I always admire when powerful people do genuinely good things,” Carolan said.
Even how we look at what our favorite celebrities are up to can differ from generation to generation.
“I get my news either from the TV or from Facebook,” Wilkins said.
When it comes to teens, we tend to do things a little differently.
Senior Makirra Aquino agrees.
“I follow a bunch of different news accounts on Instagram, so when stuff pops up in my feed I’ll see it, ” Aquino said.
Social media plays a big role in most people’s lives today, in the form of news and communication.
Bechtel says that the most common ways for people in her generation to communicate is either in person or through text.
“I usually find out what my friends are up to through texting,” Bechtel said. “If it’s really important, we call and/or meet up.”
When it comes to teens and young adults today, the main form of communication is usually some form of social media, Carolan said.
Though opinions and daily practices differ by age, many in the world today can agree that the influence of the internet and social media plays a big role in our friendships, worldviews and stresses.