Businesses takes storm hit

After Hurricane Ida rendered many local businesses closed, staff are working around the clock to run maintenance, and to repair the damage done by the storm.

Located in the Souderton Borough, Jesse’s Barbecue was ravaged by the hurricane. The business has reopened its doors and smokers to the public despite huge damages. 

As the owner of the restaurant, Jesse Sigmans experienced difficulties with reopening. He said he had never experienced anything like it before. “It overtakes you, you didn’t even know where to start,” Sigmans said.

According to Sigmans, “It was just too much at one time,” Sigmans said. [It was] “literally a flash flood.” Sigmans said that water was up to their mid thighs and it was rising with every passing minute. 

According to Sigmans, the hurricane completely took them by storm. Yet, the community stepped in and showed their support and appreciation. 

Sigmans said he was shocked at the compassion of the community since the restaurant’s humble beginnings, and was touched by the continued support in a time of hardship. 

“Souderton borough has been phenomenal with us,” Sigmans said. “I couldn’t imagine being based anywhere else.”

 From contractors constructing, to customers coming to their door to ask how to assist, Sigmans said he was grateful to be in such a wonderful place and with such a compassionate community. All of this led to the business reopening in a matter of weeks, and according to Sigmans they were “swamped.”

According to Sigmans, his staff deserves some much needed appreciation. “My staff is phenomenal. A special thanks to them,” Sigmans said. Many staff members were there at the building during the flood, and many assisted in the recovery effort.