Upperclassmen pass on advice to help underclassmen

Intending to help underclassmen on their pathway through high school, seniors provide advice for freshmen.


Aubrey Dluzneski

Giving academic guidance…To help freshman Dayana Sagastume succeed in high school, senior Frances Betancourt (left) provides advice. Betancourt suggests not letting your grades become more important than your mental well-being.

By offering advice to freshmen, seniors aid freshmen to prepare them for their high school careers with thoughts they believe to be the most crucial for student success.
Some seniors suggest being involved with the school as much as possible and being conscious of responsibilities without getting exerted.
“I set aside specific time for myself and hold myself to a schedule,” senior Kate Taipale said. “I spend a certain amount of time on school, then spend a certain amount of time on activities but I don’t let myself get burnt out.”
According to senior and Souderton football player Gabe Epps, this aspect of time management is especially important to our student athletes because of their busy schedules. “With football, you really want to have a study hall during school so you can get your homework done,” Epps said.
Other than time management skills, senior Francis Betancourt said that it is important to not stress, even when workloads are piling up.
“Although grades are very important and definitely important to work towards, don’t make them your whole entire world throughout high school,” Betancourt said.
Tying into creating a schedule, Epps suggests thinking ahead and pacing your workload, especially when it comes to required job shadows and mentorships.
“Do your job shadow freshman or sophomore year and have your parents help you out before they make you do everything on your own,” Epps said.
Epps said how his recent ability to think ahead and layout his schedule is a skill that he wishes he had entering high school, which would not have left him “scrambling” to do his job shadow and mentorship last minute.
Some seniors recommend for the underclassmen to not only be involved with their required classes and tasks, but also with extracurricular activities.
“I 100% encourage underclassmen to get involved in school activities, not just because it looks good for college applications but also because it helps you to be able to branch out more from your group of friends and to build relationships with other people,” Betancourt said.