Thumbs up

Thumbs up

Going all out for Spirit Week

As homecoming hype returns this year for the dance, the spirit week leading up to it featured five spirit days during which students got to demonstrate their school spirit. Including American day, neon day, western day, Hawaiian day, and red/white out, the spirit days brought fun and extra anticipation for the dance. 

This year, students who went all out for these spirit days were extra appreciated. Events like this require involvement and participation from everyone for success. This year, many students went all out for the theme, showing their appreciation for the return of homecoming traditions.

Business reopening after extreme weather

After extreme weather events, many businesses went under flood or experienced crippling structural damage. This resulted in indefinite closures and many businesses were not sure when they would be able to reopen. 

Finally, businesses have begun to reopen and welcome customers back. It is important during this time to go out and support these businesses as they work to return to the community after a turbulent time. 

Printing The Arrowhead again!

This year, The Arrowhead has finally returned to printing a paper copy, which you are reading right now! After many struggles between a cyber attack and a global pandemic, The Arrowhead has been through it all.

But it is back again! After spending almost two years of fighting the good fight, The Arrowhead plans to print six full issues and distribute them to the school.

Welcome back to the paper publication of The Arrowhead! We can’t wait to publish all year long.