Thumbs Up

Thumbs up to conquering the first semester
As new classes start up and old ones come to a close, Souderton has officially made it through our first semester back since last Spring’s shutdown. This is an accomplishment to be celebrated.
As many have known, Souderton was the only district in the Montgomery County area to return with a fully in-person option for students.
With the exception of the first two weeks of hybrid and week of virtual schooling, we have officially made it through the first semester in person. Good job, Souderton, and please remember to remain safe and healthy for another great semester.
Thumbs up to PE adaptations
As the Center for Disease Control (CDC) changes and adapts safety guidelines, so does the Souderton PE department. The effort put forth by the PE teachers to abide by the rules is commendable.
At the beginning of the school year, students in gym classes were allowed to participate without a mask, as long as they were socially distanced. Now, they must wear masks at all times, making workouts more difficult.
While this had the potential of being a difficult change, the PE teachers have been able to make subtle changes to the workouts, allowing students to do less strenuous cardio, while still accomplishing a lot. Great job!
Thumbs up to PMEA band and choir students
Despite the fact that auditions could not be held in person, the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) continued to hold auditions for its district ensembles. *number* Souderton students made districts.
The students include Marco Clark, Anna Lesher, Magen Swartley, Miranda Jellen, Own Funk, Ian Martin, Alex Martin, Nick Mahoney and Sophia Slater for band, as well as Gabe Thompson, Kacie Watkins, James Baker, Jamie Alderfer and Ally Lemon for choir.
To have the passion and drive to audition virtually during these trying times is remarkable. You should all be very proud of yourselves, well done!
Thumbs up to Major Biden
With the 46 president Joe Biden settling into the whitehouse, we get to see the return of presidential pets. More importantly, we get to see the first ever shelter dog in the whitehouse.
While, at first glance, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, we believe that this could do a lot of good for the “adopt, don’t shop” incentive. People will hopefully see that if a shelter pet is good enough for the president, then a shelter pet will be good enough for their family too.
Every pet sitting in a shelter right now needs a good home with a loving owner. If you’re looking into getting a pet right now, take a note from the Bidens and check out your local shelter.