Annual tradition, senior class buys gift as final farewell

To help better the high school, senior classes give senior gifts to the school at the end of the year. These gifts are meant to benefit Souderton students, faculty and staff.

Senior gifts are a way for the leaving senior class to give back to the school in a way that is meaningful to everyone.
According to English teacher Sue Newlin, the welcome mats from the class of 2012 are very helpful.
“I like the mats inside the door because we used to have people fall when it was raining,” Newlin said. The welcome mats are used everyday by students and faculty.
The welcome mats are the “perfect class gift,” 2013 senior class advisor Ian Burley said. They keep the school clean and “benefit everybody.”
“That’s basically what you want in a senior class gift. Any money that’s leftover goes back to the school community to provide something that benefits all,” Burley said.
The Class of 2015 donated the “Come Together” memorial mural in the main concourse. The mural was given to pay respects to those students and Montgomery County residents that lost their lives that year.
Souderton alumna Patricia Hickey remembers the graduation ceremony in 2016 when there was a standing ovation for Souderton alumnus Anthony Flick, whose family was honored by the mural. “The entire stadium stood up, clapped for him and cried,” Hickey said.
The senior class gift from both the class of 2018 and the class of 2019 is the new beach volleyball court. The physical education classes and sports teams will be able to improve due to the court. “I think it’ll benefit the sports teams because of the strength and conditioning element,” Athletic Director Dennis Stanton said.
According to Stanton, a beach volleyball club may form. “Hopefully, a freelance club starts because of it,” Stanton said.
The money for senior class gifts comes from the leftover funds after the senior prom and Senior Bash. This means that there is not always a senior class gift.
According to Burley, two classes will get one gift together or gift money to another class. The class of 2013 gifted their money to the class of 2014 for their senior class gift.
The water bottle refill stations are a senior gift that are used every day by students. “I use the water refill stations a good amount,” junior Lindsay Croll said.