Graduating seniors celebrate achievements from a distance

Quarantine is not stopping seniors from partying with an at-home prom or wearing their cap and gowns to celebrate their graduation.

As the online school year comes to an end, the graduating seniors missed out on some important staples in their high school career. Without having senior prom or graduation, some students have taken the celebration into their own hands.
Seniors have found some creative ways to host their own proms at home while still maintaining the social distancing rule.
“To celebrate prom at home I plan on dressing up on prom day and hopefully getting some good pictures,” senior Olivia Basile said.
Basile plans on “rocking” her navy-blue shimmering prom dress even without a prom.
“Student government is currently working on hosting a senior prom for those who missed out,” senior Jenny Nguyen said.
Student council’s prom is not affiliated with Souderton Area High School. It is a “separate celebration that is planned to be held on August 8,” according to Nguyen.
Following prom soon comes graduation. Due to this year’s circumstances, seniors have not had the opportunity to walk the stage and receive their diplomas. Although that hasn’t stopped families from honoring their graduates at home.
“We have a few yard signs and a ton of decorations outside my house,” Basile said.
There will be a drive by graduation ceremony for students to drive by with family in cap and gowns on May 30. Graduation also gives the seniors the chance to share their experiences and give some advice to the underclassmen.
“If there was one piece of advice I had to give, time goes by incredibly fast,” Nguyen said. “I didn’t believe it freshman year, but before you know it you’re on your last week of high school getting ready to graduate.”
Post high school plans for Nguyen include attending the honors program at Montgomery County Community College and then transferring to West Chester University. Nguyen will be earning a degree in business management and a masters in public health.
“My advice for grades nine through eleven is not to fear the unknown,” Basile said. “Go out of your comfort zone and experience new things.”
After graduating, Basile plans to attend Susquehanna University to major in biochemistry and be a part of their honors program.
“Although the end of the year was a little tough at first, the pandemic hasn’t stopped me from celebrating my achievements and being proud of what I’ve done,” Basile said.