Keeping cabin fever rates low with cheap activities

People manage to find low-cost activies around every corner during the winter season.

Reducing the amount of winter boredom, people of all ages are filling up their spare time with fun activities.
One popular place, according to junior Jordyn Grossman, is Peddler’s Village.
“I heard about it through friends and social media,” Grossman said. “It was very busy, but also very cheerful.”
Grossman was also amused by the Christmas lights.
“The lights were all over the trees and outlined all of the buildings,” Grossman said. “They also had this little bridge you could walk across in between the trees, so there were lights on both sides of you.”
Freshman Morgan James also enjoyed the Peddler’s Village scene.
“Once you are there, it’s like a whole new world,” James said.
She also said that everyone that she saw was “loving” the environment, too.
According to Grossman, while one does have to pay for food and souvenirs, it costs no money at all to walk around and look at the “pretty lights.”
Another place that costs little to no money is Ferry Market in New Hope, Pa., established in 2016.
According to Perkasie resident Adi Garges, Ferry Market has become a popular destination with a “vintage feel.”
“There were a lot of people there because it was a nice day,” Garges said. “It felt very homey.”
The temperature in January is not usually 65 degrees, but that Saturday, it was.
This was part of the reason, according to Garges, that it was so crowded, not only in the market, but “all up and down main street.”
Inside the building where the market is, there are 12 different vendors, but one really stood out to Garges.
This vendor is “The Big Cookie Company.”
“I really like desserts and these cookies were huge, so there was a lot to eat,”Garges said.
Other vendors inside the market include “Little Radish,” a farm-to-table, fresh food stand, “Basilico,” an authentic Italian stand, and “The Pork Shack,” a non-bbq pork stand.
“The Pork Shack” is a favorite amongst many, including Cheltenham Township resident Farren Levitt.
“I’ve been coming [to Ferry market] for a while,” Levitt said. “The Pork Shack is my favorite because they have a big variety of stuff. Their actual pork is good, but my favorite is the mac and cheese.”
Levitt also believes that, although there are a couple expensive tands, stands like “The Pork Shack” and “The Big Cookie Company” are “pretty reasonably priced” and “well worth it.”
Another, less specific to the winter time yet still relaxing and cheap, is sitting down and watching movies and TV shows.
Movies like “The Edge of Seventeen” and shows like “Criminal Minds” are ones that sophomore Josalyn Nelligan likes to watch in her spare time.
These programs and more can be found on Nelligan’s favorite streaming service, Netflix.
“It has a wide variety of shows and movies with different genres and things from many different channels,” Nelligan said.
Nelligan also mentioned that even though the popular streaming service is $15.99 a month, it is “worth it” to her.
“I can just sit down and watch TV without any interruptions,” Nelligan said.