Despite COVID-19, most of the shows must go on

Even though COVID-19 is still around, it isn’t stopping some of the area’s annual events from taking place.


**Driving in Philadelphia visitors…***While visiting the Philadelphia Auto Show, Freshman Kelsea Clarke was able to take pictures with and go inside cars like a Bugatti. The Philadelphia Auto show, held at the convention center each year, was postponed due to COVID-19.*

With both big and small changes due to the current pandemic, events in Philadelphia such as the Flower Show and the Philly Food Truck Festival will still be held this year. However, the Philadelphia Auto Show will be postponed to January of 2022.
The Philadelphia Auto Show was originally supposed to take place in January this year, but it was then moved to March, then June.
A favorite aspect of the car show that visitors anticipate each year is the variety of vehicles they can observe.
“It’s always fun to see all the new technology and all the different cool, fancy cars right in front of you. Porsche, Lamborghinis, all the cars that you dream about,” Pennsylvania resident Dan Urban said.
Pennsylvania resident Brook Schoenerger said that one of the highlights of the show was being able to sit in the cars and check out the features and the interior. She wasn’t sure how they would be able to do that if they had it this year, and said it would be an “infection control nightmare.”
Even though the car show was postponed, Philadelphians have the Food Truck Festival and Flower Show to look forward to.
This year’s Flower Show will take place June 5-13.
According to science teacher Karen Wolfe, who has been participating in the show for about seven years, it’s going to be completely different this year.
“I think it’s a great idea that they’re at least trying to have it in a format that seems safe for the Covid situation,” Wolfe said.
“Rain or shine,” the event will be outside for the first time, at FDR Park.
Wolfe described the show in past years as “like spring in the wintertime”, but because it’s being held at a later date and outside, it won’t be anything like that experience.
“I don’t think it will be quite as spectacular or as a breath of fresh air or as much of that feeling this year,” Wolfe said.
Schoenerger thinks attendance for the 2021 Flower Show will be down.
“I think that not as many people are going to attend as they did previous to the pandemic,” Schoenerger said.
Another event taking place in Philadelphia this year is the Philly Food Truck Festival. This event will be held on July 3-4 S.
Food Truck Festival overseer, Tim Morton said that 100% of the proceeds will go to the Kamp for Kids program, where they do things like give out food, offer free camps for children with autism, and develop different events for kids.
The event will feature bouncy houses, carnival games, music by local bands all day, approximately 25 food trucks and about 100 vendors.
To make sure the event is safe, organizers are planning to “funnel” attendees in a certain way so everyone can maintain a safe distance from each other.
During the event, the staff will be trying their best to make sure no one gets sick.
“We’re going to have a lot of people whose sole job it is to make sure people are wearing face masks, and to make sure they are not bunching up, and to make sure they’re keeping a six-foot distance,” Morton said.
Once people get their food, there will be separate areas for people to eat to reduce crowding around the food trucks.
Urban hopes that the city will be able to do more activities moving forward.
“Hopefully more people get vaccinated and we get through this sooner than later,” Urban said.