Thumbs: Issue 5 2020-2021

**Thumbs up:**

*Thumbs Up to the Spring Musical…*
Persevering through the struggle brought on by COVID-19, the Souderton theater department was able to produce a spring musical. This year’s musical was Disney’s “Descendents.”
The cast and crew really outdid themselves with this one. The amazing talent of the performers mixed with the creative costuming and set design truly made this show one to remember.
We know that this wasn’t easy and we’re very impressed with how the musical turned out. Great job to the cast and crew!

*Thumbs Up to the Rock Band’s Performance…*
In order to showcase its members’ hard work and talent with the student body, the SAHS Rock Band has performed during lunch twice. Needless to say, they totally rocked (pun intended).
Let’s face it, this year hasn’t been ideal and it’s often been difficult to find something to get excited about, with a lot of events being cancelled. The school really needed this extra bit of fun to shake things up.
The music was great and the student body really enjoyed seeing what their classmates have worked so hard to produce. Special shoutout to band director Adam Tucker and principal Sam Varano for making these performances possible. Fantastic idea!

*Thumbs Up to the Tech Hub…*
With such a heavy reliance on technology this year, we can all agree that having professionals that are there to save the days when things go wrong is invaluable. The tech hub deserves an extra thanks this year.
First, we had the network disruption last year that shut down most of our technology. Then, we were sent home for virtual learning, another technological strain on the building.
With all that they’ve dealt with over this past year, the tech hub has not gotten enough credit. Please, the next time your mouse isn’t working or your computer won’t cooperate, remember to thank the people that offer you the solution.

*Thumbs Up to the Vaccination Event…*
With the help of Rann Pharmacy, on March 24, Souderton was able to offer any student over the age of 16 the chance to get their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. We want to thank the district for this opportunity.
We are proud to say that many of our own staff members volunteered to help with this event and the turnout was amazing. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help make this event possible.
Being able to get vaccinated will help to bring our community closer to the world that we lived in before last spring. We hope to see a positive effect from this event in the future, especially after students receive their second dose on May 15.

**Thumbs Down:**
*Thumbs Down to Increased Contact Tracing…*
Throughout the year, we have seen the number of students getting contact traced go up and down. Unfortunately, it is back to going up.
We can’t say for sure what would be causing this trend, but it’s certainly concerning. We appeared to be doing better as far as cases of COVID-19 in the district, but we seem to be going backwards.
Please, remember that whether or not you are vaccinated, you should still be cautious, socially distancing and wearing a mask.
Better days are in sight, but we’re not out of the woods, and if we continue to be reckless, we will set ourselves back even more.